A Telford Fan's View

I was at the Hednesford v Witton game today and 1st half witton were the better footballing side although only really created one clear cut chance which Warlow hit the post from about 4 yards.
2nd half was more even with Hednesford really getting stuck into Witton which they clearly did not like.Warlow like a lot of thier side was like a spoilt brat and expected to get every challenge given as a free kick to them.
A draw imo would of been a fair result but like Ben(HTFC) said Witton were awarded a freekick which was taken a fair few yards forward from the offence was committed and they broke away and scored, funnily enough 2 mins later Hednesford tried the same thing but were bought back .
Overral Witton were the better side but clearly didn’t like the physical side of the game, and they certainly were nothing to be scared of.Hednesford can consider themselves very unlucky to come away with no points.

Have taken the above from Telford’s forum. Is interesting to see the opinions of a ‘neautral’. I find it strange that 2 minutes later Hednesford tried the same as us, coz the ref blew for time about 30 seconds after we scored!!

It was me who posted that and
whether it was 2 mins or 30 secs the ref was inconsistent in his actions.

He was consistently good and bad for both teams we just had the last laugh :wink:

He was poor for both sides, there was an instance earlier in the game when we took a free kick inside our own half and the ball was moving (he had his back to it when it was taken)! Equally there were plenty of poor decisions against us, the Hednesford centre halves got away with plenty! Plus one of their forwards deserved to be booked for such a blatant dive in our box.

In the balance of play Witton deserved the win, Warlow and Moseley both had clear cut chances in the first half. In the second half we had one cleared from a yard off the line that had gone past the keeper. I believe we had more chances to win it than they did.

There’s a difference between the "physical side of the game" and sheer thuggery.
No.4 stamped on Adam’s achilles after Adam made a vigorous but non contact challenge, the slaphead liner failed to see this from 10 yards away.
No.6 stamped on SuperMike as he was kneeling after a challenge, again the slaphead liner failed to spot this.
Most Hednesford aerial challenges were into the body and not for the ball.
As a quality footballing side we are within our rights to be unhappy about this but, we went on to win and that’s what counts.
A concept that Telford seem to have forgotten!!!