Albion v Mossley

Come on guys! Any updates?

Come on the Albion!

HT Telford 3-1 Frickley
HT Guiseley 0-0 Burscough
HT Witton 0-0 Mossley



Very Nervy according to Neil! Come on Witton!

Would of updated earlier but have only just got back from a wee holiday! :smiley:

NIce one! Looking forward to hearing about the goals flying in, in the second half ;D

Any team news?



Moseley and brown getting the goals for Witton! Should nearly be full time now! Come on Witton![br][size=1]Posted on: 14-04-2007, 16:54:09[/size][hr]FULLL TIME SCORE:


Back to the top of the league bacause burscough drew 1-1! Get in! Well Done Boys! Come on Witton!

That’s a relief! Thought the worst when there were no updates. Nerves are a bit shot. Well done to the lads.

However, I reckon Burscough will be more than pleased with their point at Guiseley.

Let’s hope we can pick up points on our next 2 away games? Gateshead and Whitby will be very difficult, while Burscough should roll over Grantham next Saturday. Telford can get a max 81 points. Can we squeeze 7 points from our last 4 games?

Come on the Albion!

We need 7 points to be CERTAIN of winning the title, 2 wins and a draw in last four games. Our goal difference is superior to Telford by 9 clear goals so we only need to match their possible 81 points and to get that many they have to beat us and Burscough in last two games. Burscough can only get 80 points maximum. A win in our next game will take the heat off but we will have to play better than today. The lads gave it their all today but at times were trying too hard. They must relax, then maybe I can!!!
PS I am on Blood Pressure tablets already so please lads, get two wins in your next two games so I don’t collapse altogether. Ground move to Moss Farm sounds interesting, is it with the Rugby Clubs?

What was the team today?

What’s the news re:ground move?

It wasn’t classic Witton but in the second half it was a battling performance that got us over the line.

Mark Peers was a changed man after half time, and fortunately it was a change for the good, he ran them ragged!

The weather, I’m sure, was partly to blame for the rather lacklustre performance in the 1st half, but in the 2nd half the lads boxed abit cleverer and it paid off.

As always we could grumble and whinge about the officiating, but I’ll decline on this occasion.

It was good to see Stevie C back in the red and white stripes, and with the captains armband. He gave it his usual all, but lack of match fitness took it toil.

A tough away fixture next, but if we can get something from it then it will be a cracking result.

Not convinced it was a sensible thing to announce the Burscough result part way through the second half on the PA system, surely that puts the lads under more pressure. Please don’t do that again!

Come on the Albion!

WELL done lads ;D Now lets win on Monday ;D

Had Burscough been winning I agree it would have been silly to put the lads under pressure, but as they were losing I think it took the pressure off, it certainly took the pressure off me!!! Win on Monday and Saturday and the title is ours unless Burscough or Telford go berserk. Would prefer the game against Telford to be of no importance to us but of great importance to them, second placed team are at home in both semi and final (if they win the semi of course.)

Witton team

Kennedy, Hockenhull, Brownhill, Pritchard, Kearney, Lloyd, Alex Brown, Connors, Warlow, Moseley, Peers.

Subs: Gahgan, Farquarson, Mark Jones.

Albion’s second goal came from Adam Warlow and not Alex Brown as stated earlier.

Good win today bit scrappy at times but that doesnt matter at this stage of the season. Gutted cant go Gateshead but cant wait for Whitby! Then after Telford (when we clinch the league!) 28 April,Frickley at home,presented with the trophy,big p1ss up that night at the player of year do,what a way to end the season…I hope!!


3 points is all its about at this stage of the season and we worked our socks off to get them. Well done one and all on and off the pitch.

New song from the Kingfisher-

‘Weve got a secretary called Pete Riley,
Put him with a granny and he’ll be smiling,
Put him in a babe and he’ll be struggling,
We’ve got a secretary called Pete Riley’. ;D

Yes the oldest swinger in town was celebrating the win, by going on the Rod Hull last night, sadly at the end of the night it was a case of Macauley Culkin!!!

Onwards and Upwards!


Chad did you post this before going to bed? :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the other new instant classic;

He tarmaced my drive, he tarmaced my drive, that boy Pete Riley…

The promotion push drive pushes on, as we have said already it is nothing about the performance and everything to do with the points! I thought we did well yesterday to grind it out, it was a much stronger game from our point of view. We still need to close the opposition down more but in truth you always feel that we have the ability to go on an score an extra goal if we need one. The lads need to run their hearts out, teams will not score against you if we keep them in their own half and frustrate them. (Others have used this tactic against us to good effect)!

Peersy was excellent yesterday, really got the bit between his teeth in the second half and made a big impact. Every credit to Mike for throwing every last inch of his body at the ball for the first goal - it was more ‘Superman Mike Moseley’ than ‘Super Michael Moseley’.

Level on points at the top and with games in hand. Reality is that is we don’t win this now we don’t deserve it, this is a big statement but true. We need to turn it up a notch or two and drive for the finishing line, the engravers are already preparing to put the ‘W’ on the trophy and asking how many t’s there are in Witton!!! We CAN do this, time to show why we are the best team in this division, chase every ball, give nothing up and accept nothing but victory. We’re going up!

Apologies on the updates Eddie - I text everyone I couldn’t see at the match with goals.

Lets face it folks, it was scrappy, if the players are half as nervous as us then it must be hard to relax at all but points not performances mean prizes at this stage.

2nd half was much better than the 1st. the fans didnt do a bad job of getting behind the team - I just hope someone can hear us on Monday!

Keep the Faith, lets just go at gateshead and try for the 3 points!

Cheers Neil - I appreciate the difficulty of updating the site, especially for home games cos most people will be there!

Certainly is bum twitchin’ time for all concerned - players and supporters. Agree is points that count now. 3 points from the next 2 away games is a must I think. Any more of course would be a bonus.

Come on the Albion!

Just reading Telford’s forum and it appears they read out our score over the tannoy in the second half at the Buck’s Head, but the announcer got it wrong! Now there’s a tactic for Chad to ponder over?

Also, Burscough equalised with 4 mins to go and then Guiseley missed a last minute penalty - ouch!