Create your own (unofficial) Witton Albion website

I use it for my Sunday league teams, for every page impression the power editor of the site gets 0.1pence, not much but my old sunday team was getting ?20 per month.

You can add player photos profiles, team news, history, fixtures results, reports, information, plus there is a small forum. There is currently a Witton Albion in the set up but its in the Northern prem league and at the moment has no power editor.
Simply apply to be the Power Editor and take it from there, its a bit fiddly at first but after that its a doddle.
also the site can have as many editors as needed so its not just down to one person to keep it upto date.

If any one is interested let me know if you have problems setting it up.

Just thought it might raise a few extra pennies and create some extra publicity…and its free and good fun:)