Fleetwood fans

This shouldnt really be funny cos its quite serious but it is! Fleetwood fans at telford caused ?800 worth of damage in the away end,smashed up 3 pubs :o,according to their forum,and the 3 buses that took them there left without the supporters because they’d damaged the coaches on the way there so they all had to make their own way home from Telford by train!! Apparently it was blamed on the fans who started drinking in wetherspoons at 9am cos they were all p1ssed! ::slight_smile:

Sorry, this story is NOT funny, it gives football a bad name, which isn’t good in the first place. I would hope that our supporters would continue to take victory and defeat as they do, with good grace, and not get involved in such disgraceful beaviour.

Just been reading the threads on telford’s forum. Sounds pretty bad!!
I have to say though that whenever we’ve been there i’ve found that there are a large element of idiot Telford ‘fans’, and the stewarding has been pretty terrible. This sort of instance seems like it has been coming for some time now. Doesn’t excuse the Fleetwood fans who were causing trouble though.