Football League Proposal

I don’t know if anyone else has seen it but, there’s a report on teletext that the Football League have put a proposal forward regarding drawn league matches.

The proposal is that all drawn league games would be settled by penalty shoot-outs.

It is apparently up for discussion at a Football League meeting to be held next week.

Why bother playing, just roll a dice.

I reckon Connors would still manage to get himself booked!!

I am assuming we wouldn’t bother as we couldn’t hit a barn door from 3 yards let alone 12! How many have we actually missed now this season? Must be more than 10

Pritch lad I think you should have a go at the penalties. I remember at Bilston you took one when under loads of pressure and you simply just banged it down the middle really hard. Had the goalkeeper got in the way he’d have ended up in the back of the net clutching the ball!! Great night that was with Marc Hawkes having is best ever game for us but as usual Pritch had one of his Colussus type games capped by the scoring of the sudden death penalty!! Another Magic moment of many I’ve had over the last 49 years or so with this fantastic football club!!

Perhaps John Kennedy might have a go, if we got two Goalkeepers on the score sheet in one season we might make the national press, though not of course the Northwich Guardian!!!