Frank Bruno tickets

I have just put two tickets for the top table on e bay The number is 150090766210 (maybe Stu can put a link) please spread the word to as many people as you can and hopefully we can make the sale a real success.

[size=3]This is your chance to [/size] [size=3][color=red]sit next to Frank Bruno on the top table at our Sporting Evening[/color][/size].

[size=3]Auction ends just before 9:00 pm tonight. Get those bids in![/size]

Well said Mike must be worth more than face value to sit next to the great man himself!!![br][size=1]Posted on: February 17, 2007, 08:33:06 PM[/size][hr]Just wanted to let everyone know that our resident caricaturist Mickeytoones won the auction for a bargain ?82 but being the bloke he is he has said he will pay ?100 for the tickets, a great gesture as well as doing the superb drawing for free that we have used on the programmes that would normally have cost well over ?200 I think we have done extremely well. Bad news for me is I now need to sell an extra couple of tickets on my table so get in touch if you want to go

Thanks Pick. Iike you say at that price its a bargain ;D. The caricature of Bruno is Hand drawn, and coloured in photo shop. I ll get Frank to sign it.
Let`s hope that it will do well in the auction. It took around 10 hours to finish it.

well mike may say its taken 10hrs BUT i would now like to know the excuses of the last 10days lol ::slight_smile:
MMMMmmm!!! Cant wait for the response towards the ironing etc