Gateshead V AFC Telford Latest score

Latest score from Gateshead is Gateshead 2 - Telford 1 @8-30pm

Can confirm this as a half time score. Telford raced into an early lead, only for Gateshead to turn it around pretty sharpish.

Me and Greg are sat infront of my PC listening to Radio Shropshire on t’internet!!!

3-1 now

4-3 now Gateshead

Me too Robbo!!

They’re playing ‘Born In The USA’ now coz they’ve lost contact with their commentator!!! br][size=1]Posted on: March 26, 2007, 09:08:31 PM[/size][hr]It’s back. 3 - 3.[br][size=1]Posted on: March 26, 2007, 09:11:55 PM[/size][hr]4 three Gateshead!!!

Does anyone have nothing else to do - Come on the toon!

Well you cleary don’t!!

Come on the Head!!!

Up to date table now on the main site. Looks good ;D

Fantastic news - everyone plays on Saturday then only us next Tuesday (out of the top 3 so lets get a real run together and WIN IT!)

Gona be a nervous 6 weeks isn’t it!

Could well be top of the league next Tuesday!

You could see Gateshead winning this one tonight. Thank god we don’t have to go up there midweek. Oh, hang on…

bloody awesome result exactly what we wanted! 2 games i hand on telford again now and we are only 3 points behind them! Keep playing as we know we can and who knows what will happen?! Come on Witton!

Just shows how important Saturday’s result was;

If we had lost against Matlock and Telford won last night then they would have been back to 9 points ahead of us! Now it is just 3!

Come on lads, big hearts required for the next 4 weeks!

KEEP THE FAITH, this is more than a great team we have, it is a great squad with a great management team in Jim Vince and Benny Phillips.