Here's a radical idea....

Following on from some of the comments regarding officials at the V**s game, how about this…

Why not treat the officials with some respect. Ok, the first thing that will be said is that respect should be earned. Well, can I suggest that a team of officials has earned that by officiating in the first place. It seems every time we have a bad result the forum is full of comments about how crap the officials were (not just our forum by the way)

Mr Sproston admitting to berating an official in the club some time ago? I bloomin well hope not, especially if he was in his official position of representing the club!

We all let off steam during the game at officials, but certainly after the game they should all be welcomed with open arms to our club room and not treated with hostility.

Just a bit of psychology, but it might be interesting to see a poll of which grounds officials like returning to. I’d like to see WP high up on the list. You never know what influence, albeit subconsciously that might have.

Despite what you think, no official has ever intentionally made an incorrect decision.

Getting back to Tuesday?s game, the referee was not the reason for us losing. We missed the chances and conceded the goals!

And finally, if you think you could referee better, I have a suggestion…

Sorry, but I disagree, the Ref was abysmal and not up to the challenge of officiating such a crucial game and one of the linesmen looked young enough for Primary School. Cheshire FA should be castigated by both Clubs for sending such poor officials. And anyway, if you take up reffing and don’t expect some stick you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

I don’t think anybody is soley blaming the referee, but the fact is their winner came from a free-kick, whereas we had AT LEAST two penalty appeals turned down for just as blatent infringements. Now if we’d of got 1 penalty, or they hadn’t been awarded their freekick, the game could well of been a draw. It’s all if and buts, but referees can make decisions that turn matches.

In response to Eddie C’s post I have to agree, I attended a match toward the end of last season and had a couple of pints post match.
I was absolutely horrified to see the 3 officials sitting, nay perched precariously on the edge of the stage with food and drinks, officials good or bad should be treated with the utmost respect despite the outcome of the game.
I am a qualified ref, albeit only at junior and sunday level, but it is a psychological thing, if you are treated well by a club then the next time you visit you look forward to some decent hospitality and it does have an influence.

The 3 officials were properly seated after I pointed it out to the cheif steward.

It is a sh!t job at times but without them it would be even worse, there is a national shortage of referees at all levels…the only way to ensure quality is to stay off their backs.

I have also been sat in the stands and listened to one of the regulars berate refs and assistants for the slightest things…there is no need and there is also no chance that people who call officials would actually get out there and do it

Hands up who would like to ref Vics - v - Witton

This is a debate that is set to run and run, and not just in the provence of Northwich.

My slant on the issue is not just about Tuesday nights officials, as they were only 3 lads who looked like they were starting out. My beef is with the Cheshire FA, which is one of the largest FA’s in the country due to the sevens league down at Moss Farm. It is this very same FA that have arguably cost us wins, draws, goals, free-kicks and silverware. Am I bitter? only slightly, but its not too much to ask for one of the largest FA’s to actually officiate a game and allow the match to be played in competitive spirit without making inept decisions that cost teams dearly.

Come on Cheshire FA you can do better than this!

Have to agree with Eddie.

I started refereeing in Northwich from the age of 14, and continued until Ieft for uni at 19. One of the most common things I got that used to drive me mental was ‘how old are you ref?’, ‘you’re too young’ etc etc even when I was 18 and had been reffing regularly for 4 years!!! The main reason is because I look a lot younger than I actually am and it makes life hard when people are set against you from the start - fans seem to want refs to be balding and fat to feel they have any authority.

Age doesn’t come into refereeing, but maybe experience does. I can’t comment on the actual age of the young linesman but I wouldn’t be suprised, if like me, he is out 3 times a weekend reffing games and getting stick for looking too young. When I was starting out reffing I knew the rules backwards, much better than today, it was only man management that was lacking and that you learn from experience.

Refs don’t get nearly enough respect.

People don’t give respect, you have to earn it and that ref on Tuesday night was abysmal. He booked Moseley for diving, fair enough, but later when another Wittom player went down in the box, (was it Huckenhall? ) he just signalled he should get up. Now if the ref thought that HE had dived too he should have booked him as he did Moseley, if he didn’t think he dived it was a penalty, he cannot have it both ways. His ownly real lecture of the night was to Griff for celebratng our equaliser!! No lecture for fouls, but lectures for celebrating a goal in a local derby cup semi final, the man was an idiot.!!! Sorry, I support Ref’s normally, they do a difficult job, but a cup tie of this importance deserves to be officiated by a top man, this fellow was not a top man.

I also have this opinion that players can "fall over" therefore not a foul or a penalty?
Mike I didn’t think claimed a penalty - it was more the fans - the latter challenge on Brownhill I thought was different.

"Fall over"? The ref clearly told him to get up in a way that showed quite clearly he thought it was a dive. Inconsistant officiating is the most infuriating thing about modern football.

I know WHS thats what I’m saying - given he didn’t get up and chase the ref etc he wasn’t instantly after a penalty, which usually when you dive you do.

Great win again lads, and strangely enough, the ref was brilliant!

Interesting comments made here. I will maintain that a referee has never intentionally given an incorrect decision. You are picking on individual instances in a game we should have won, irrespective of the officials’ performances.

Yes, we all make mistakes and I suggest that especially with younger officials we cut them even more slack. Unless you want to get to the nightmare scenario of having no officials at all. A long way off the Unibond yet, I hope, but I think you’ll find that the shortage is affecting games higher and higher up the pyramid. We do have a serious problem.

A final thought and then we can put this to bed. I’m sure our players would much rather the fans energy be spent backing the team when decisions appear not to be going our way, rather than berating the officials.

Couple of points eddie - the songs agianst the ref on tuesday were a lot less vocal than most the ones supporting the team( although I agree with you yes it should be directed in favour of the team) I always found that very funny at workington that the ref got a louder response than goals usually!

As for yesterday, hardly saw any decisions, don’t even know if we had any bookings or not, don’t know what their goals were like, were we at fault?

I thought Steve Rushton had a very good game yesterday. Under immense pressure from various people from Marine (understandably!) who wanted the match to be abandoned after 60 minutes - Steve acted very professionally and maturely in a game with a lot at stake.

The players’ response from both teams ensured a thrilling game and all 3 teams must be applauded.

Well done.


Final comment, senior officials for senior games.