Its all about the money!

Just seen this released today - a lot of money up for grabs as well as the glory - lets keep behind the lads!

This weekend brings Easter and with it comes the run in for the finale of the season’s long slog towards honours and the excitement of the play-offs or the despair of relegation. But, in addition to that, almost every club will have something to play for in terms of cash with financial incentives to achieve the highest possible placing cascading down to fourteenth place in each Division thanks to the League’s superb sponsors.

The eventual Premier Division champions will pocket £4,500, runners-up £3,500, 3rd £3,000, 4th £2,600, 5th £2,400, 6th £2,200. 7th £2,000 and 8th £1,800. Clubs placed 9th to 14th in the top tier will be rewarded with £1,500 whilst the remaining clubs will receive £1,250 each. The First Division champions will take home £2,250, runners-up £1,750, 3rd £1,500, 4th £1,300, 5th £1,200, 6th £1,100, 7th £1,000 and 8th £900. Clubs finishing 9th to 14th will each receive £750 and the remaining clubs £625 each.

In addition to the above prize money the sponsors have put up an additional £5,000 to promote Fair Play with the winning club in each Division receiving £1,000, the runners-up £750, 3rd £500 and 4th £250.

I think we can rule the Fair Play award out… Cheers Stevie!!!

Take a look at the Fair Play Table, although it hasn’t yet got March updated before ruling any prize money out. No cautions in last 2 games so don’t write us off just yet.

Just had a look Chad - suprising I must say:

Can’t say I’m too surprised at the positions of Hednesford and Burscough!