Keep it Quiet

Strong rumour has it that a certain Conference chairman has warned that if his team do not progress on Sat in the FA Trophy then the football club goes up for sale. Not saying who it is but ------Come on Kidderminster

hmm very suspicious …

Now, now. Let’s be careful!

"Strong rumour" eh? Wouldn’t be up to a little mischief would we, Eli?

Rumour or not, it would not be the first or the last time Mr C has threatened to put the frightners on the lizards…a cheap brand super market was metioned to his players the last time he burst in the changing rooms at half time…and that is from the horses mouth…MC gets what MC wants…or he’ll "scweem and scweem until hes sick" if not he’ll probably just sell it, or franchise it or hold all the green and white striped hypnotised fans ransom until the pension is paid :smiley:

Did they lose to Cammell Laird? He will be a very unhappy man if they did.

WHS, yes they most certainly did 3-1 after being two down inside 30 minutes.

I have heard that they played a very weakened team and in fact, it has been reported elsewhere that they tried to get the game postponed for a week.

After Saturday’s game I understand his "dummy" was found in the canal, he spit it so far!!!

I was told by someone in attendance that MC was so outraged by the ref on Saturday that he escorted him from the premises and did not let him into the lounge after the match - sure the FA would not be impressed by such a reaction! Appears he know wants to choose which officials as well as fans are allowed to use the facilities.