Latest on Mike Connett saga

Taken this from NVFC website this afternoon

"Anybody going to this demonstration that has been arranged against the previous business dealings of mike connett which is happening at the victoria stadium the same night as the next fans forum. i am told around 40 people who are all owed money will be there along with the press and photographers

mc will be gone within a year - take heed all you mc botty lickers…he wont want to know u anymore and neither will any of the true fans who will pick up the pieced - you wont be included or have any say - distance yourselves now while u still can!"

The ?50,000 from Vale Royal might come in handy to help him out here ;D

You only have to talk to few people in and around the town to pick up on the allegations that MC owes various contractors for work undertaken at the stadium, I have spoken with three parties who alledge to be owed funds!!!

Also supporters don’t seem very happy that their game last weekend was changed to a Sunday as MC used the stadium for his wedding reception on the Saturday - at least that is the rumour on their website. The inference being that football comes second to MC’s personal requirements!!!

Personally I am bored with Mike Connett, we all know he will be gone soon and Vics will be in a hell of a mess. But I hate to see ANY football club in trouble, it happened to us and it was not a very nice feeling to think your club, the one you have supported since birth practically, facing extinction. We are THE club in the Town now and will be for the forseeable future if we win this championship, so come on the Albs and to hell with Connett!!!