Marine on Saturday

After the clash with the other lot on Tuesday its back to the really serious stuff on Saturday. This game really can’t come round soon enough for me. Marine also think they are in with a shout for the league, so this should be a cracker.

I still have fond memories of the sporting way their supporters acknowledged us when we beat them in the FAT semi final all those years ago. So here’s hoping a good few of their fans make the trip and the atmosphere at WP reflects the importance of the game.

Come on Albion!!!

Just had a call from the NonLeague Paper, now incorporated as a 64 page great supplement in the sunday "Football Paper" and pretty good value at ?1.50.

This match is the featured UniBond League game and will include photographs as well as a longer report. Just hope we have the Albion goals of late to reporton then.

If your loal newsagent doesn’t stock the paper then the likes of Tesco, Somerfield, Co-op usually have it in but their stock is limited.

Well in Chad senior. I got one from the Service station along Winnington Lane in the evening last sunday and they had a few left if anyone is ever stuck. Will definately get it this Sunday especially when we win 4 1!!

Only 4? ;D

Now, now, don’t be greedy, 1-0 will do.

I can clarify that Tesco do sell this paper. I know as im an employee and a reader of this paper on my breaks.

Cheers for that Criss Cross, nice to see you are as informative as ever