New Publication

I just thought I’d let everyone know I am in discusion with a local buisness man to start a newspaper that will cover the local area, what I was thinking was I could fill the first couple of pages with local news such as ‘cat missing for nearly a week’ or ‘goldfish reaches the grand old age of 20’ then put about 40 pages of houses for sale and local garages selling cars with the last couple of pages dedicated to local sport, ie Witton Albion, Barnton, Lostock Gralam and maybe an article or two on the very competative bowling leagues, anyone think the idea might take off?

Do I detect a hint of sarcasm Mr Picko.

I have a suggestion for your new publication…page 3.

First edition could feature Mr Connett, afterall, he is the biggest tit around! :smiley: :smiley:

Mr. Connett thinks there are 1,700 potential Vics fans in Northwich prepared to watch his team every week, which planet is he on?