Off the Telford board...

Reading the Telford message board, you would think they were botton of the league, the fans slated yesterday’s game and all does not appear well! With an 8 point lead they should go on to win the league, however this is not the time of year to start hitting a drop in form!

Particularly like the last line of the post!!!

[color=blue]Simple as this…we were shocking today…a lot of the players didn’t look interested…why?

We didn’t start playing today until the last ten mins…fair play to ashton…they came and battled…but really we should be beating teams like this…today something seemed amiss…mentally and ability wise…worst performance of the season…

Oh well 4 tough games to come…witton look on fire atm…[/color]


We live in hope!!!

Well we’ve got Telford looking over their shoulder…

[color=blue]Witton are looking more & more likely to be the real threat.

Why? 16 goals scored in their last 3 league games. Yes, I know it’s a big ask, but if they win all their games in hand they will only be 3 points behind us with what is likely to be a comparable goal difference (we’re +33, they’re +26).

And we have to play them at their place early March.[/color][br][size=1]Posted on: February 03, 2007, 08:42:07 PM[/size][hr]We’ve got Hednesford a little worried now aswell…

[color=blue]I’ll tell you something never mind Telford (who also need to watch out),Witton Albion are scaring the pants off me at the moment.19 goals in their last 4 league games and 6 wins out of the last 8.

Potential champions here me thinks,and if us and Telford don’t watch out we could find ourselves battling against each other in the play offs.That is if we make em,cause with 3 defeats in the last four league games we are beginning to look ropey,and taking a look at the table it is starting to get very tight.

Out of the current play off contenders we have to play Witton (twice),Burscough (twice),Guiseley (home) and Marine (away).
It’s not looking the foregone conclusion that is was before Christmas is it? [/color]

That isdefinately something that should not only spur he players but also the fans!! They are getting worried!! lets make these worries a reality! Come on Witton!