Player of the Year Do

Has been booked for Saturday 28th April (after the last home game of the season) I do expect us to be playing the following Saturday…<br><br>The Do will follow a more traditional approach, a few awards, disco and food, late bar etc.<br><br>More details to follow in due course.

Sounds like a good reason for a few cheeky shandys, I hope there is more to celebrate than just the ‘Player Awards’, it would be great to double this up as a P******** Party (I dare not type the word through fear of jinxing the outcome)!<br>

Rabbit, I think it would be unlikely to double up as a P******** party as you suggest, due to the fact that the league season finishes on that day.<br><br>Unless we were to win the league, I think what Neil is hinting at is that the play offs would take place the following weekend.

Wheels, a fair point well made - of course it would be stupid to think we could go up automatically LOL - just off to dream about it!<br>

Rabbit, nothing is impossible where we are concerned but it would seem unlikely at this stage.