Player of the Year

Ok folks - that time of year again-
Voting forms are available from the shop (and from me) just pick your 1,2 3 and give me the form back - closing date Grantham game at Easter.

Tickets are now also on saale for the Do - Saturday 28th April, 8pm, ?5 - see me in the shop or at the games if you want one!

Normally I view people who do not vote with contempt, but that is in the political arena. On this issue I just cannot find it in me to say one player in this side is better than another: Kennedy saves us time and again, Connors is totally committed to the cause, Warlow is a goal machine, Jones a great target man, Spearritt a leader of men, and Pritch? well Pritch is just Pritch, magnificent and probaly the best servant this club has ever had. That’s six and I have not mentioned Peers, Brownhill, Moseley, LLoyd, Brown, my God, the list is endless! So "NO" I won’t be voting this year.

Thanks for that WHS.

Have you been to or organised any Player of the Year do’s over the last 20 years?

As someone who has (done both) I think you are entitled to your opinion but you don’t need to try and impose it on every one else.

Voting and recognising a Player of the Year is a tradition that I for one will be upholding. We did it with Stan’s team - Nuff Said.

Just to increase the opportunities to vote, is it worth setting up an online poll for the members of the forum to cast their votes?

WHS - you can always choose not to vote online, just like you’ll choose not to vote via the more traditional method.

defo, good shout macca ;). cant be that deficult can it neil?

Wasn’t being disrespectful to you lads who do so much good work for the club, organising "do’s " etc. just saying that this season has been such a great TEAM effort. Of course there HAS to be a Player of the Year, it’s just that there is no way I can personally pick one out of so many, for God’s sake my list did not include the brilliant Tony Barrass!!
WHS[br][size=1]Posted on: March 19, 2007, 10:15:20 PM[/size][hr]One final word for those who have worked so hard for the Club over the last twenty years or so. You have done an incredible job just keeping this club going, let’s face it we so nearly went to the wall. I am personally just an ordinary supporter of my home town club, I come when I can and I do what I can but I do have other interests like so many other people do. Those of you who give your heart and soul to the club have my heartfelt thanks for it is the likes of you, not me who are the REAL supporters of the Club. NEVER think that your efforts are not appreciated by me and many others.

I understand the point WHS was making and don’t think this was meant to overlook the importance of a ‘Player of the Year’ vote. I posted a few weeks ago that this season we need a dozen different awards, I suggest at the time that it might be simpler if we had "Best left back with earrings", "Best centre half with a bald head" and "Best forward with a bad toe"!

I agree that a Player of the Year award is essential and indeed tradition at any club. Whatever the outcome of the season there is justification to celebrate the tremendous effort by the players, management and directors and fans. Everyone has worked hard this year and deserves applauding and we still hope that the club achieves the ultimate reward for the progress made.

As for Player of the Year, I am wrestling with the decision, which in itself is a positive thing! You have to take into account appearances, discipline, consistancy, commitment which despite the tremendous progress of other players is leading me back to one name!

Everyone has their own opinion, its what makes the game so enjoyable!

Not sure how easy it is to set up the website voting - I do remember trying something similar 2 years ago but we had a total of 0 votes online!
If anyone wants to PM or email me their votes thats fine with me - pick your 1,2,3.
Unless Mike you have a better suggestion?

Can pretty easily set up a voting system. Only possible problem would be the anonymous nature of the voting, meaning anyone (eg. from other clubs) could vote. Also, although I don’t think for one moment this would actually happen, it opens up the possibility of people voting both online and on paper.

Must agree with Wincham Rabbit not sure who I will be voting four.

All these subliminal messages will not change who my vote goes to. But i was thinking along the same lines…

I’ve got my 1 and 2 but have not got a clue on my 3rd place;
Alex Brown has been awesome all season, and THAT goal against Radcliffe could get him in there alone.
Mark Peers scored some crackers earlier in the season, and was brilliant over the first few months.
Since signing on Rob Lloyd has just got better and better.
Liam Brownhill is in my opinion our most improved player this season by some distance.
JK is just the best keeper we’ve had in years.
Warlow just doesn’t stop scoring.
Gaghan left Vics coz they’re sh1te so he deserves a mention!
Griff has just held the ball up so well over the last few months, plus he’s scored a lot of goals.

It is going to be very difficult this year. It will just go to show though that whoever wins it must of had one hell of a season!

I say we stick to voting on paper, i don’t mind handing some forms out on saturday if needed.

Wise words Robbo, be very wary of posts that try to influence this tough choice!

Player of the year do could be as exciting as the title run in at this rate!!!

Bit out of order having a go at WHS. He means well most of the time and he’s right because for the first time in a few years there are a number of outstanding candidates for Player of the Year. The only observation I would make on this is a mention for Pritch. Without taking anything away from the other lads Pritch has had yet another awesome season. He’s being doing this consistently for coming up to 12 years this year. His powers don’t seem to be on the decline and he also has a demanding police career to cope with too. The other point is that I know Pritch works on his fitness and does a lot of training on his own. His committment to Witton Albion is simply awesome and he’s the sort of bloke when your’e backed in a corner you want on your side. Our club is all about having democratic opinions so I know not all will agree with me and thats fine. The big thing for me is knowing I can express an opinion without fear of being banned from the club. MR Connett take note!! WHS is also correct about those people who give up lots of time to do stuff for the club.So I’d like to thank you as WHS has done as you are the lifeblood of the club. One last thing all you players in our squad have all played a part this season and whatever happens you’ve all been brilliant and tried your best at all times. You are all players of the year for me and lets hope we all continue in the Conference North next season!!

to tell you the truth all players disserve the award theres not one that hasnt contrabuted to our success this season. All i care about is that we get promoted lads and all players continue this form into the conference north ;D ;D ;D ;D were going up

There is only one candidate for player of the year and the reason I think jim signed him was to make Pritch and Tom better players and u must agree it has.

                Tony ( The Minder )  Barras

The double voting is one potetial issue - I remember some players voting for themselves when we did the monthly player iof the month awards!

Robbo see me Saturday for some forms to hand out please - I have a load in the shop - deadline for votes is Grantham game remember so don’t wait to see who scores the winner against Frickley to send us up!