Player of the Year

Sorry to keep harping on about this one:

don’t forget its this Saturday nighte folks, 8pm
£5 to get in (get a ticket off me tonight, st Frickley or pay on the door) Kids free.
Awards will be at 9pm presented by our guest presenter
Food available until 9.30pm
Bat till 12
Disco till 12.30

As well as the items below, the team also received individual UniBond League Runners-up souvenirs as well as the League Runners-Up Trophy.

Nicky Maynard came over to present the awards and said he’d laid on Shaun Miller’s last minute equaliser for the Alex against Tranmere earlier!

Supporters Player of the Year Brian Pritchard

1st Runner Up Liam Brownhill

2nd Runner Up Adam Warlow

Players Player of the Year Brian Pritchard

Most Improved Player Liam Brownhill

Managers Player of the Year Tony Barass

Goal of the Season Alex Brown vs. Radcliffe Borough 18th November

Ethel Stelfox Award (Non Paid Club Worker) Julie Bannister

Reserves Managers Player of the Year Robert McDonough

Reserves Players Player of the Year Daniel Gleave

Reserves Most Improved Player Matthew Hind

Great job Neil, well done and thank you for organising the function. Well done to the rebel MC / PChad for his work on the microphone, hosting the event.

Final thought - WHERE WERE YOU ALL? Approx 80 Wittoners in the room was a pretty poor turn out after the season we’ve had.

Again apathy reigns k.o. The club is full of people with something to whine about, but when it comes to putting up/supporting functions or fundraising its amazing how many shrink into the shadows.

Cheers Chad - thanks to those who did turn up - must admit I was expecting a few more given the fact we finished 2nd (and the cup runs let us not forget!)
Oh well it seemed to go alright for those who were there so many thanks to them for making the effort.

Decent turnout from the players and reserves - thanks fellas and to Nicky of course for his presenting & everyone else for helping out with raffles, door mcing etc

To be fair i think that everyone who matters was pretty much there, and that’s the main thing. Big Tony was a legend last night;

"Tony, Witton are sh1t without you,
Witton are sh1t without you,
And you’re pi55ed as a fart, but what can i do!"

I just hope he got home ok…

He was more leathered than me last night :o
Think eveyone should thank him for the ten pints he bought!! Cheers!

Well done to Neil/Chad and others who organised the event. The turn out was not bad although sure it could have been better - I think a few people felt deflated after Saturday’s outcome and therefore opted to give it a miss. Those that did go had a great night, although one person might have been emBARRASsed by his dance floor exploits. What a legend - cheers for the pint Tony!