Predictions then???

Assuming the match is on today??

Its a tough one to call for us as we don’t know which side (or who) will be playing, we’re in turmoil both on and off the pitch at the moment. I still think if our attitude is right we’ll win and will go for a 1-2 scoreline, it won’t be pretty though !!

The minute someone has it confirmed that the match is on can they post it on here please? Not leaving home until its confirmed - taeverso ;D

Official pitch inspection carried out.

Game confirmed as…ON!

Predictions?? Depends on who we have fit. If we play as we can do we will give you a pretty torrid time. Big games needed from Pritch and Big Tony at the back. But Stevie Connors could be the difference today.

I couldn’t even name our starting 11 at the moment, injuries and players being offloaded - not sure who we have left :wink:

Glad the game is on though, will be leaving shortly, looking forward to a visit to a new ground, hopefully there will be close to 100 of us stupid enough to follow Diamonds away yet again :wink:

I think Miller could well prove to be the thorn in Rushdens side today and I’m guessing that playing better opposition will suit Lloyd as well, give Warlow a sight of goal and he will find the net and Browns bullets from outside the box need to be seen to be believed! well thats 4-0 to us already, seriously though I think a draw would be a good result for us but who knows with an ex league pro at centre half and 3 full timers in our side I think we can give most teams a game.

Unfortunately I can’t make the game today so I would like a draw so I can go to Rushden on Tuesday but if we can’t manage that then I’d take a win by the odd goal or 3 :wink:

Seriously - good luck to the lads hopefully everyone’s hard work with the pitch and promoting the game pays off with a ?5000 bonus at the end of today.

Whatever the result tho? just make sure Rushden fans go home knowing we are the nosiest bunch of Unibond fans they?ll come across ;D

Well said Mr Blood.

Great news that the game is on, well done to everyone for making it possible!

Prediction? Ill go for 2-1 to the Albion.

well done everyone for gettin the pitch sorted can’t wait for the game as for a prediction…4-0 the albion! come on boys lets show em!

I’d prefer to be known for being the noisiest Unibond fans!