Promoting Rushden

There are a few of us looking to distribute around 2000 leaflets in town next Saturday (6th) promoting the Rushden game and a few forthcoming games at WP from around 10.30am.<br><br>If anyone fancies joinging us the help would very much be appreciated, and we could potentially hit an even larger audience!( we can have as many flyers as you want!)<br><br>So if you usually go shopping on a Saturday morning havin a laugh with a few of us must be more fun…<br><br>A babysham and lunch in the penny black afterwards before Bamber could be included if you fancy it?<br><br>Any takers?<br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br><br>Que deadly silence…

Deadly silence on here indeed as expected.<br><br>I now have 2000 leaflets - which is well over a foot in height which need distributing.<br>5/6 people have so far offered their help - any more would be appreciated.

How do I get hold of some flyers? I can do some distributing before Saturday 6th.<br>WHS.

Thanks WHS I have sent you a personal message about it.

WHS did you get my message?

My thanks to crouchy, Steve. Andy chad, WHS, Mark & Pete Lyon, and a couple whos names escape me (sorry guys you know who you are) for assisting witht he leaflets.<br>Around 1500 will have now been distributed witht he balance to hopefully go this week and next Saturday morning.

I had to take my car into Altrincham today for some work, while I was there I thought I would catch the last 30mins of the Alty v Rushden game, to say Rushden like playing route one would be an understatement!!! Barras and Pritch should have a field day although they might end up with headaches by the end of the match. Don’t look too great at the back either I think the pace we have in our side could cause them real problems if we play in on the deck. No idea what the midfield are like I didn’t see them touch the ball.

Neil, spent an hour adorning dozens of cars in and around the Regal Cinema with our flyers, I felt that might be more likely to get male drivers than on a supermarket car park. Still got one or two left that I will use in the next day or two. Let us hope we top the 1,000 for the game and win it too.

Many thanks - at least no one can say we haven’t had a go - there has been a reasonable response from the posters as well so there must be a fair few people who at least know we have a big game!

Well done to all.

Spoke to Jim Vince last night and have asked him when speaking to The Guardian this week to ask for the back page this week. It is long overdue and is still the best form of publicity in the town. Even tho the Chronicles better!

Two words that should not be used in the same sentence - promoting and Rushden ;D

Well we did get part of the back page! - But the main headline and picture was about something which is pure conjecture and could have been covered in the inside pages.

I’m a conspiracy theorist! Diana, JFK, Lunar landing, Guardian Back Page- see it all makes sense!!!

If people read JVs comments then hopefully they will turn out Saturday.

I am sorry, I have to disagree totally with the Manager, promotion is ALL that matters, one, two, or even three cups are not worth as much to the future of this club than promotion to the Northern Conference.

WHS, winning promotion is paramount. But sucess breeds success and the further we go in all competitions MUST be healthy. More success, More supporters, More money. I say go for the lot

i have to agree with oracle the more we win the more confidence we get! The more confidence we get the more likely we are to go on and gain prmotion!!1 Come on Witton!!