Re: Statistics and the League Title

There are lies, damn lies and statistics!!! The team with the most points will win it and I think 80 points for Witton will not be enough. Burscough I think will win their last two games, if they don’t that means Telford will get 81points if they beat us for they should win their other game. Let’s face it, ANYTHING can happen and my nerves are in shreds so God alone knows how the players of all three teams feel. The loss at Gateshead was predictable given the circumstances but we now MUST win at Whitby or get a point at least, then a win against Telford and another against Frickley and we are the Champions!!! Or we could… oh to hell with it lets just wait and see!!!

Stu, 87.3% of statistics are made up!

And by the way, you really do need to get out more!!!


99.3% of statisticians are virgins.

83.4% of these virgins are over 40…

I see the Man Angel has kicked in!!!



Of course it is all in relation to general size ;D

Can we talk football now, I was never any good at Maths!!!

Stu, did you take into account that their is a new moon today - this may mean that your workings are influenced by the lunar cycle and therefore accuracy could be questionable!

The fact that Stu is an inredible sad individual apparently had no bearing on the figures he produced, however I am given to understand that in the next few days he intends to "GET A LIFE" which may have some bearing on the next set of figures he produces.

After going to Prague perhaps you will be able to "re-Czech" your figures!! Anyway, I had a dream, we won at Whitby and beat Telford, I woke up when we were winning 2-0 against Frickley, I think that is about as reliable as statistics, "Czeched" or not.

I will be in Prague as well and I am open to offers if anyone would like the big guy to "go missing" while we are in corrupt Eastern Europe. I’ll leave it with you…

You can get Staropramen in Whitby and save yourself the journey - ask yourself where would you rather be - Eastern England or Eastern Europe?

If you need any travel guide info message me, been to Prague 3 times in the last six months on work.

Enjoy your weekend boys.

I would like to know many copies of White Ladder have been sold in the Czech Republic to date?

An interesting question Robbo;

Based upon world population of 6,588,000,000 people and the fact that White Ladder sold 6,000,000 copies worldwide, you can take the population of the Czech Republic of 10,287,189 (77th most popluated country of the world) as 0.16% of world population, this would equate to album sales of around 9,600 (not taking into account that most countries in the world don’t have CD players, despite the population of Africa for example it also contains 19 of the poorest countries in the world and that Robbo is a git).

Doe that help answer your question?


Paddy Berger says "none. White Ladder is shit"

So there you have it…

I think once Paddy Berger reaches pipe and slippers type age, he will be forced to reconsider his views :wink: