Reactions to our result....

Just checking out a few postings on other message boards - just to see if anyone noticed our result!

…Witton Albion are scaring the absolute crap out of me, i know we should concentrate on our own results, but it’s hard not to notice a 7-2 win i truley believe the decider will be when we play them 6th March, seriously not looking forward to it.

…We’ve droped points and now they have a game in hand!
Like ya say witton seem to be on fire sorry but its a worry

…If we play like that against witton it will be a cricket score.

…Witton seem to be on a dip in form then…
We are know 3rd and looks a strong possibility we could drop out the play off places…

…And Witton are now 2nd (after trouncing WHITBY 7-2!!! )

Sure to be a few more compliments before the weekend is out! It is actually hard for opposing fans to dislike us at the moment, lets face it we are giving out free lessons in how to play football! LOL


[br][size=1]Posted on: February 24, 2007, 06:57:10 PM[/size][hr]Interesting poll on the Telford message board…


What odds are we now for the title? Odds on in my book.