Saturday Highlights are up on Unibond TV

Saturday Highlights are up on Unibond TV

Don’t think too many Lincoln fans will bother!!!

just watched it well worth the ?2 or whatever it was to see us put six in, watched the marine v leek game aswell and hav to say that the video quality, sound etc is better but anyway we scored 6 and got 3 points, they didnt so i dont really care! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Have to disagree. Thought the video was really poorly done. The cameraman was not following the ball. OK, the wind howling in the microphone and the low sun also contributed to a waste of money. Looked like an interesting interview with JV after the match. If only they had switched the chuffin microphone on!

Hopefully just teething problems for their first venture.

The Marine/Leek coverage was a lot better. Only spoiled by such a low angle for the camera. And don’t you think the cameraman would have told that bloke to mind his bloomin’ head!

Simple answer to sun in the camera, put the camera on the roof of the snack bar!! Wouldnt cost much I’m sure.