Televised Matches ???

I am not happy about the Guardian Scoop about our matches being televised live from next Saturday 17th.
What chance have we got to get new supporters here, if the club are allowing this to happen
Do you think that on a wet and windy day new supporters will come if they can go to a pub in town and watch it for FREE and enjoy a pint at the same time
This doesn’t seem like a good idea, and who as allowed this to happen :o ::slight_smile:

You can buy it today Stu, you’re in it!!!

Apparently there is a ‘live’ feed on the internet being shown in Northwich pubs. Can’t see it taking off to be honest. And i see it as a chance for people who have never seen us play to witness the mightly Albion in action, and then maybe they can be persuaded to attend a game.

This is not Sky, the coverage will be no more than okay but no substitute for being at the game. I am sure it will be watched by a few, but not many. However, just being on may well remind a few people that they are Wittoners and should be supporting their team at Wincham Park