Vale Royal give more money to Vics

A few years ago. when Vics were still at the Drill Field they got ?30,000 from Vale Royal to put in a path, now they get ?50,000 to put in a new all-weather pitch at the new ground from Vale Royal, what is going on? This is your money being spent on a private enterprise. The excuse given is that Mr.Connett has agreed to let the schoolkids use it when Vics are not. If the borough needs an all weather pitch for the kids why aren’t Vale Royal building their own instead of giving money to private individuals?

Tut tut VRBC.

It’ll end in tears!

Remember this when it’s the Council elections, and exercise your democratic right accordingly …

When I read this in the paper I got very angry. I actually feel like withdrawing part of my ?145 per montth council tax as I feel it’s not a viable cause and I’ve got no say in how VRBC spend our money. The point is what happens if Vics want to train on these pitches during the day. Do they throw the kids off? The other point too is what happens when inevitibly Mr Connett packs in at Vics. What guarantee is there that the kids won’t get charged for using the pitches once they’ve been built and say its a year further on. Agreements of this type generally get lost in the mists of time and no doubt the current administration at Vics will want to make some money as I can’t believe they are not losing money at the moment. While anything that promotes facilities for sport should be applauded I agree with WHS that VRBC should build something of their own. A local authority should not show bias to any one club. They’ve never helped Witton in anyway. Just wait until potentail councillors knock on my door asking for votes!! In a word this is Pathetic and sums up the way VRBC is being run. You only have to look at the grot spots round the centre of Northwich of which there are many!! I’d be delighted if the so called Northwich Vision becomes a reality but I just can’t see it frankly.
The only reality I know is that the Albs are going to win this league and we’ll have done it without any help form VRBC. Please ensure those who run our club, that VRBC are not invited to our victory celebrations in May!!.

Blimey Stu, has this upset you? ;D

I agree 100%, we don’t pay council tax for Connett and V*** to get the benefit. You can see what he’ll do, he’ll be hiring the thing out at nights for extra revenue, using it during the day and at night for training, no end of scams. If it is about something for kids then this should be its primary purpose not its secondary use (which appears the case). Plus not to forget it is in the hope that people going down to the site will spend money elsewhere in the facilities. Any monies raised will be going straight back into one pocket and one pocket only, his. And as tax payers we pay for it!

Will Witton get to use it for free? I doubt it very much, therefore it is completely out or order. How about we knock up a standard letter which can be uploaded to the site, printed, signed and posted to them. Anyone got any legal friends or family that can help with the wording?

Cracking idea Wincham Rabbit, I will sign it, no problem.

Great idea mr rabbit. A letter that says if this goes through then we ain’t voting them back in at the next council elections!!

Rabbit you have come up with an awesome idea! that way every witton supporter all over the country can take part and showthe council was we all think! great idea!

Sorry it has taken a day or two - here is a draft of something for VRBC. Suggest any amends or how you think we go about getting people to sign this. The easiest way will be to send the same thing by email to VRBC from different individuals?



Dear Ms Davies

We are writing to express grave concerns regarding the council?s decision in principle to award a grant of ?50,000 to Northwich Victoria FC for the purposes of establishing an artificial football pitch.

Clearly any facilities of this type in the area would be of benefit to children and adults alike. It is to your credit that VRBC recognises the need for improved sporting amenities and is encouraging the take-up of sport in the local community.

However, funding decisions and partnerships must surely require serious due diligence on the part of the Council, before selecting ?suitable? private sector partners for such developments.

In October 2006 BBC Radio Five Live broadcast a report on Northwich Victoria and more specifically the financial profile of the club?s owner Mr Michael Connett. If you have not done so already may I suggest that yourself and other members of the Council listen to this report during your decision making process. This is available to listen to online at;

The BBC?s alarming report highlights the past decision taken by Mr Connett to ban supporters (customers) from use of Northwich Victoria?s facilities ? may he take similar decisions as to who can and cannot use the new artificial pitch?

Our understanding is that use of the pitch by the local community is its secondary purpose and therefore might commercial use of this stand in the way of genuine availability to local people (the reason for the grant)? On this basis why are Northwich Victoria or Mr Connett not funding this project in full as they are the main beneficiaries of its development?

From the background research in the report it would appear that the owner of Northwich Victoria has been associated with 13 companies that have over the past 13 years been dissolved ? some on a compulsory basis and leaving creditors with substantial losses. Journalist Simon Jack from the BBC?s business unit is quoted in the report as saying that this was an ?unusually high number of failed companies for one person to be associated with?.

The company structure of Northwich Victoria has in itself been brought into question with the ground and facilities controlled by one company and the team affairs in a separate business ? neither company at the time of the report had filed overdue accounts?

Our concerns as taxpayers and local residents is that VRBC considers carefully their choice of recipients of such grants, the ?50,000 pledged is public money and therefore public opinion on its spending should also be considered. We believe there are a high number of people who would be concerned and indeed angry if the grant was still paid following a detailed review by the Council.

Local football clubs, their supporters, residents and the community as a whole should all reap the benefits of such a substantial grant and therefore might the money be better spent on a project that makes more of a difference to a greater number of people as opposed to supporting a private individual and their businesses?

We understand that the Council is to further discuss this during a meeting on March 7th at the Performance and Quality Overview Committee. We would urge that in making final decisions on this spending that you fully research the background of the companies and connected individuals so that the taxpayers of the area and yourselves are sufficiently reassured that the grant is appropriate in the circumstances.

Yours faithfully

Concerned VRBC Residents

Superb letter Rabbit, I will try to copy it and send it off to Vale Royal myself. I signed petition from just Witton fans might seem like jealousy so may I suggest we try to get other people to sign it too?