Welcome to our new fans

Copied from V**s sh1te:

[i]Reading the article in Wednesday paper and some of the threads on this forum it is obvious that Vics are in big trouble and the supporters and divided and bickering.

I moved to Northwich two years ago and took an interest in the club and started watching them as I was told they are the only serious local club - I really enjoyed last season. However a few weeks ago I went to watch Vics play Witton, was expecting a walkover and a really crappy ground as I heard it was called he swamp and was a dump.

To my surprise the ground was actually ok - a lot better than a lot of other non league grounds…and although Vics won the game it was a bit embarrasing to actually celebrate as Witton played Vics off the park and all the fans I was stood near knew it

I have seen Witton four times since then and seen them score about 20 goals and play great football for nearly half the price of Vics. I know a lot of locals are die hard and will never change their allegience but as an outsider coming into Northwich from now on I will be taking my kids to watch Witton.

Some people may be disgusted with my decision but I refuse to spend inflated prices to line the pockets of someone who has no interest or intention of putting that money back into the didvded club and I want to continue taking my kids to watch a local team [/i]

I’d personally like to welcome Arthur to our club and hope the Albion continue to give him and his family years of entertainment!

Welcome indeed (assuming its not a hoax post) Pop in and see me on Tuesday for a chat in the shop!

People never believe me but there are quite a few very loyal fans who actually went to watch them first and decided they prefered us!

I changed allegiances about 20yrs ago, and have not once regretted it.

Arthur we’re happy to have you and your family onboard.

Well we are the ‘People’s’ club are we not?!? That’s 2 V*cs coverts this season then, hey Greenie…

Damn straight my friend.

I can honestly say that it’s one of the better decisions i’ve ever made. But obviously it’s easy to say that right now with the current form. I went to watch a Vcs game last year, and it was the dullest experience of my life. The club is a plaything of an idiot. The whole experience of watching Witton has been a revelation to me. The banter, the witty and original songs (i will take my share of credit there, ha!) the solidarity between the people who run the club, the fans, and the players is remarkable. This is the key to what we are on the verge of achieving. My dad, a die hard Vcs fan, says i’m mad. He’s the mad one as far as i’m concerned.


Beautifully put Greenie, wise words!

Arthur welcome on board, you and your family are extremely welcome at Wincham Park - if you have any other friends currently sat on the fence (or should that be considering a hop over the canal) then bring them along.

To see that post made me feel proud to be a witton fan! ok i havent been at the games this season as much as i would have liked to have been due to me getting an education north of the border but i have been telling my mates who go to watch vics for ages that they dont know what they are missing out on and really should give witton a try cos we do play better football! Lets hope some vics fans on that forum take heed of arthur’s post and also try us out! Welcome to Wincham Park arthur and enjoy the rest of the season like the rest of us! Come on Witton!

I remember many years ago talikng to "Corky " Carrick and asking him why on earth he was at Witton when it was obvious from the day he signed he was a Football League class player. His answer? "Because it is a lovely, friendly club with a family atmosphere about it" I have never forgotten those words or the man who said them.

I have always been a supporter of both clubs!
At the moment things can only go wrong with Vics, Witton has always had a community feel about it.
I struggle to pay admisison to the Victoria Stadium when the money goes into Mr Connetts pocket!
Am looking forward to Tuesday, at least I know my gate money will help the team!

So why you on Vics’ site taking the p1ss out of Witton then??