Whats going on?

I am off line for a matter of 6 weeks and all hells broken loose. New site a new look forum of which when i tried to log onto i didn’t exist charming. oh why oh why do things have to change. I dont think i can cope with it all. ;D

No reason why you shouldn’t have been able to log on. Your account (lutkie_92), and all accounts from the old version of the forum, was transferred to this one.

I think there are always a few teething problems initially, I also experienced a few problems to begin with.

Thanks to Neil, it was soon sorted.

ive just found myself at last somesense of normalcy inner karma is good.

Come on lads, even an old dodderer like me has worked it out. This site is much better than the old one and apparently is about to get even better. Mind you, it will have to go some to keep up with the brillinat team it advertises!!!

Was hoping this post was related to the ever-popular Marvin Gaye song, am gutted to discover i was wrong ::slight_smile:

robbo i’ll sing anything after a couple of stellas.