Witton Albion v Whitby Town

Half Time<br><br>Witton 1 Whitby 0<br><br>Spike right on half time

2 - 1 up at the moment, so must be due to concede an equaliser any time now!

I don’t ###### believe it! 2- 2 at nearly ten to five.

Full time 2-2 another late goal

Yep cursed us again there Mike!<br><br>To be honest we were excellent again today and once again underlined what a superb team the management have put together now. I just hope we can keep it together and maybe an addition or two and we’ll be serious title contenders next year.<br><br>Spikes goal was an excellent header from a great Foy cross, Latahm’s a low drive which was deflected through the keepers legs. We hit the bar twice through Latham and Foy as well as a couple of great saves from their keeper. Connors was outstanding despite getting kicked off the park, Pritchard his usual self. <br><br>Great performance again lads, keep it going for Tuesday and we’ll have a trophy to show for the seasons efforts.

:slight_smile: I was thinking much the same as Mike at 4-45 but if the team can carry on like this and eliminate some of the late goals against we’re going to have a very good 2005-2006 season.

what we need is to embrace the car rally term, " The Flying Finish". Try and score the late goal rather than the other way around.Apart from that nought wrong. The team and gaffer are great.Fun in watching footie is back Hurrah!!!<br> WE WILL BE THERE NEXT SEASON.<br> Witton Est Arrive!!! ;D

Gutted to be finally completely out of the play off race. Absolutely convinced we’d have won the play offs if we’d got there.<br><br>We’ll just have to win the League instead next year which if we can keep the players we’ve got, plus a few additions, shouldn’t be a problem!<br><br>Great game again yesterday; hit the bar twice and had lots of shots at goal = very unlucky really.<br><br>

No problemo Debs, if there are no surprises in summer we will be up for it. [smiley=3dbiggrin3.gif]

Just an observation on conceding late goals. After scoring what appears to be a winning goal we do tend to drop deep and allow teams to come on to us almost inviting the inevitable equaliser instead of turning the screw and going for the 2nd or 3rd goal that would win us the game.<br>On the way home yesterday,it was interesting listening to disgruntled West Ham supporters complaining about exactly the same disease that afflicts us having conceded a late goal to Brighton.<br>On yesterday’s game,I noticed the Whitby reporter for the NLP describing their equalising goal as "deserved." A bit harsh on Witton, I thought,considering we took the game to them and had to put up with the unwanted attention from their hatchet men.<br>Finally, just a word on the appalling traffic jam for road works on the A64 for what I could see no apparent reason i.e. no lane closure etc. that forced me to miss the first 25 mins. of the first half.On the return journey, no problem, both carriageways.Typical!

The jam as we observed on the team coach that took ONE & A HALF HOURS to get around York appeared to be due to some nice men on a lorry deciding to deposit cones on and thus block the outside lanes. but gawd knows why cos as Tony says a few hours later they were gone. Brilliant scheduling Highways or whoever mindless people you were on a peak traffic Saturday.<br><br>Not really wanting to be such a sad statto and therefore not checked I wonder that if Witton’s matches only lasted 85 minutes would we now be well on the way to Conference North?