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Excellent news. Keep up the good service Jac.

Final score Witton 3 Marine 0 match report from my man at the game :-/ was a scrappy first half but a good performance in the second, so two wins on the trot at home, fingers crossed we can keep our away form as normal over the next couple of weeks.

Even better performance than saturday! A deflected Furnival goal started the scoring past a very suspect keeper. Then MM was judged to have been pulled to the ground and he dispatched the pen. I didn’t think it was a pen but im happy it was given.<br><br> Second half Witton bossed creating quite a few chances and the keeper giving mike an easy tap in. Could have been a lot more but the linesman gave at least 3 offsides which were definitely not. I was in the stand in line with them.<br><br>Great 3 points. MOM for me was Gibbo. Calmed the defence after early frailties and made an awesome save straight from the top draw.<br><br>BRING ON SPENNY!!!

A comfortable win over feeble opposition. Again we fail to take chances and the first 2 goals in my opinion were extremely fortuatious, against better opposition we would have struggled. Marine are 3 rd from bottom don’t forget and likely to stay there on this showing.The test will come with the next 3 games- all away and potentially difficult, 16 points from 9 is ok but unless we win at least one and gain ponits in the other two we’ll be back to half way. The league is extremely tight and a couple of defeats and we’ll drop in the bottom half, gate was also poor again tonight -259, with no other matches on apart from Blackburn- Charlton!! hardly opposition, maybe we should go back to tuesdays!

Team:<br>Gibbo, evans, Tickle, Furnival, Pritch, Barlow, Nolan, Yates, Madin, Moseley, Bird.<br><br>subs all used:<br>Salt, Burton, Dicko<br><br>Much better performance, admitrtedly against poor looking opposition.<br>The goals could be considered lucky in their own way but not a bad free kick and I was pretty convinced it was a pen. Other efforts were well saved and credit to Mike for chasing the back pass down (shades of Ossett last season - have to be there to put it in/the pressure on). you can only beat whats in front of you, whether they are good or bad we are atleast doing that now!<br><br>Now for 3 tough away games for which I’m sure we are all really really looking forward to.<br><br>On the subject of the night of matches - I’d sooner not be competing against Man Utd, Arsenal etc tomorrow or Wednesday - I expect there will be a fair few 100 odd gates tomorrow night. (plus it means we’ll get the report in both local papers!<br><br>See you all in Spennymoor…

Much better.<br><br>Created chances and it could have been more than 3-0.<br><br>Thought Mike Bird looked a lot better (seemed to run so much more than on Saturday) and Mike Moseley ran his socks off again. Lee Madin has been quieter, but probably due to him being played deeper.<br><br>No, Marine didn’t look good. But neither did Ossett or Lincoln or Bridlington (or, dare I say it, Winsford!). We beat Marine convincingly, which is the difference between the other matches.<br><br>Roll on ::slight_smile: Saturday and the North East.

thought we played really well n felt i got me moneys worth for sure last night, total commitment by all players and the quality showed 2nd half<br><br>apart from what has been mentioned a few things stuck in my mind, MM ran a good 40 yards having lost the ball and made an excellent tackle preventing Marine advancing, 2nd half Gibbo made an absolutely fantastic save! diving to his right the ball took a deflection but he adjusted well and tipped it over- awesome<br><br>talking between the players, and between the management and players was also excellent, yates, pritch, JD, kingy in particular never shut up- they are definitely commited to the cause and are determined to do well, same again at spenny will see us return with the points<br><br>the futures rosey!

Anstey, Anstey … where are you?<br><br>You didn’t turn up for babysitting last night!<br><br>Hope you didn’t sneak down to WP!

Communication was brilliant between the coaches and players. Even Gary Furnival shouted at someone to pick up a man. The players played with so much more confidence second half and maybe this will rub off on our away games to come. You could say our goals were fortuatious but we had 3 offsides against which were definitely onside. Anybody who was in the stand will agree like Simmo and Chad.<br><br> If goals had been needed second half then i believe we could have scored them. Dicko had a shot well saved and Bertie had a chance.<br><br> Very pleased and hope we can go to spennymoor and at least get a point. I would be happy with 4 points from the next 3 games but I am hopeful for 6 or 7. Not beyond our reach with the way we play away from WP. Remember only 2 teams haven’t lost to Workington so far and we are the one that played them away!

yeh offsides were a joke, thought chad was goin burst a blood vessel!!!<br><br>altho i also didnt think it was a pen, definitely a soft one neway, good to see bertie get a chance as well, looked up for it wen he came on and had a chance, looks like he is pushing for a place again, although Bird did do well so it may be difficult for him

Another win, 6 points in two games and things are starting to look a lot better. Thought we were average first half but looked the better side second. We could struggle for midfielders sat as Foy is injured and Barlow starts a suspension. <br><br>The team looks better with Pritch back in, he gives us that leadership that we need. Just a creative midfielder should do it now, then i believe we have a good enough team to challenge for honours

Match report from the Marine website of last nights game.<br><br>Witton went ahead through a deflected free kick from Gary Furnivell.<br><br>The second was a hotly disputed penalty from Mike Mosley and Mosley scored again when Marine keeper Chris Parry completely missed his kick.

Witton FAntasy, already made my comments about how pleased I was by the win, also made comments that I have been told the Management team were down on the touchline encouraging.<br><br>A word of caution though, clearly from everyones comments Marine were a poor side, still a poor gate, all those missing supporters need a bit more to come back.<br><br>All in all very pleased with the six points.

Christ what do you do to let your hair down? Read gravestones? I think your points are well and truely been noted and disgested by everyone on this site and many others it affected who don’t look at this site. Granted it may not have been the best Marine side but it was by far the best performance at home this season as those present will tell you. No things havn’t been anyway near as good as we would like them to be at home and that is something that we as a team are addressing. Its been difficult reading the comments on here for the past few weeks without making any comment especially concerning the incredibly poor display against Winsford, it wasn’t acceptable and unfortuantely it will take until next season to put it right. Hopefully we have learnt from it with regards to performances in the league, Bridlington wasn’t pretty but the result was and like i said Marine was a good performance and result. Yes there may be teams in this league that some might say are better than us but judging so far only Leek have outplayed and beaten us. Playing them soon may prove to be a good marking post to see how this team has progressed in terms of performance, ability to learn from mistakes, hard work and passion. <br><br>Everyone is entitled to their opinion on this forum hence why there are no restrictions or stupid childish imature shutting downs! Which leads me nicely onto my next point. Is it possible we can actually stop being pre occupied with them and actually talk about Witton on this website?

Well said!<br><br>I agree with most of what you say Pritch - except that I would prefer to enter into a bit of banter with V*** fans rather than read the childish rantings of our resident P.I.T.A. _ Anstey.<br><br>(Anstey, for a translation of PITA begin with, Pain In The and complete yourself)<br>

good call pritch, but again i like a bit of banter with the v***, theres only so many times we can shout at our own moaning fans without getting a bit bored, so shouting at that lot helps a little!<br><br>thought the players confidence soared 2nd half against marine so lets hope they can carry that all the way to spennymore, altho the thought of goin there is slightly off putting i kno<br><br>good luck lads!!!

To be fair, You can only beat what is put in front of you. That is what we did!