04/05 Replicas & shorts to order!!

[smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br><br>[color=Red]The new home and away kits are now available to reserve for collection at the first game of the new season.<br><br>We have a full range of sizes so hopefully no-one will be disappointed.<br><br>Home shirts in sizes XXS/XS/S/M/L/XL/XXL<br><br>Away shirts in sizes M/L/XL/XXL<br><br>Shorts in red, white or black in M/L/XL<br><br>Shirts will be fixed at last seasons prices, i.e. XXS & XS ?25.00 and the rest ?30.00. The shorts will be priced at around ?10.00<br><br>If you would like to reserve one, either e-mail me on ddebski_us@hotmail.com or reply to this thread.[/color]

I’d like an away one Debs. I am not sure what size I am though cos’ I sometimes have Large clothes and sometimes Xtra Large so i don’t know. <br><br> Do you know what the sizing is like at all?

Akie - we were told by the supplier that the sjirt sizes were "generous". <br>Therefore I’d expect sizes to be a bit bigger than last season as prostar seemed pretty small in my opinion. Hopefully the XXL will be oh a size so even our biggest fans can be kitted out if they so wish! [smiley=banane.gif]

excellent. il have an XL then ta Debbie/Neil- away shirt<br><br>cant wait for the new season already!!!

I’ll take a Large one then Debs cheers.

OH THE JOY!<br><br>I wont b able 2 sleep until i get 1 with all the excitement! Is it another sunday league kit like last year? a nice prostar kit ha ha!

There are a lot of Sunday League teams in Nike and Adidas kits nowadays. Just go down to Moss Farm on Sunday morning during the football season and see. Does that mean Man Utd have a ‘Sunday League’ kit?

The kit this year is made by Branded.<br><br>They provide teamwear for Farnborough, Leigh, Alfreton, Altrincham and a few other clubs who escape me. (seems like a red bias there!)<br><br>The quality seemed pretty decent to me anyway when we saw the prototypes - we’ll put you down for one then "eggman"!

Debbie,<br><br>Put us down for home strip shirt in XS and XL. Also 1 pair shorts in junior (9 year old) sort of size.<br><br>Ta<br><br>Jeff

Jeff - smallest shorts we are ordering are men’s size medium, simply with regard to expected demand.<br><br>It may be possible to tag a pair onto any orders the juniors make, but I won’t know about that for a few weeks yet.<br><br>Shirts are now reserved though. [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Cheers. Look forward to owning one and I will give you the money when you get back from your hols.

Shirts will be available to collect in the first week of August.<br><br>I hope this means the Crewe game, but most definitely for the Vics game.

The new shirts are being collected on Wednesday therefore they will definately be available for purchase on the THURSDAY against the tenants.<br>