Can it be done?<br><br>I am currently living in Hampshire so obviously cannot watch Witton. ?However, I am driving back to the parents in sunny Wincham on 7th for the weekend with my other half. <br><br>As a Weymouth fan, she wants to watch their game away at Alty, kick off 1pm. (p.s. this is non-negotiable!)<br><br>Witton are at home to Burscough, kick off 3pm.<br><br>Is it possible to watch both games? ? I reckon if we leave 10 mins early from Moss Lane we might just make it back in time.<br><br>All opinions gratefully received.

Let her go to Alty, and you watch Witton- Problem Solved and no earache for 4 hours!!!<br><br>Seriously Alty is a 20-30 min drive so leave their game early and you’ll be able to watch the mighty Albs kick off.<br>

i reckon Loz you tell her to watch witton to let her know who wears the trousers!!

Is this not hypothetical as 08/09/06 was 3 weeks ago??

The thread clearly says 08.10.06. I haven’t changed it honest. ::slight_smile:

Good job i’ve got evidence!!<br><br> Last Edit: 10:31am Today by Laurence_Tonkin <br><br>Anyway, leave Alty early, and make sure you are at the Albion for kick-off!!

Just get rid of her ;D

make her drop you off at the penny black for opening time giving her enough time to get to alty anmd get her to pick you up (off the floor) outside the witton club after the match. if she doesnt drive give the train fare and still stay in the pub. If she loves she will understand.

Seriously Alty is a 20-30 min drive so leave their game early and you’ll be able to watch the mighty Albs kick off.
[/quote]<br> ::slight_smile: I agree. If you leave Moss Lane, Altrincham five to ten minutes before the final whistle and are in your car by 2.45 p.m., then you should be at Wincham Park for maybe 3.05 p.m. given a clear run - obviously this largely depends upon the traffic getting out of Altrincham Town centre and then what it’s like on the A556.<br>

Cheers guys for the advice - it will be a close run thing but should make it! Couldn’t make her go to the Weymouth match on her own tho - no-one should suffer that alone.<br><br>Nice one - tis a big game against Burscough. 'Mon the Alb!