1st quarter assesment

Although that sounds like something I’d do at work, I thought I’d try it for the Unibond Premier division! I always think 10 games is a good level to measure how any team is progressing.

We have played 10 games and now have 25 points - that equates to a massive 100pts if it continues over the season with just 4 defeats!
This kind of return is however unlikely but given in a 42 game season 85 would usually win you the league - will 80/81/82 do it this year?

We have however not played anyone in the top 4 yet but (at present) have beaten 5th, 6th and 7th!

Conceeding a mere 3 goals must also be a good indication - and our goal difference is impressive like last year.

I’m not counting any chickens - where were Hednesford at this time last year, when did Telford loose their 1st game? Heads on it but we are top on merit!

Good post Neil.

25 from a possible 30 is a wonderful start, it is all about consistency.

3 league goals conceded in 10 games is amazing - as I have said before if you don’t concede you don’t get beat (worked for George Graham at Arsenal for years)!

We have not played the top 4 yet but they will not fancy games against us for sure. We have played Ilkeston and beat them away, they beat Gateshead away. In truth any team can beat any other in this league, we have to approach each one with the same discipline.

The top four is premiership-like this year, the winner surely will come from Gateshead, Guiseley, Fleetwood or ourselves - that makes these games 6 pointers and our record against the other 3 teams will be crucial (we did not do well enough against Burscough and Telford last year and it cost us).

This team is good enough to win this league, MacPherson and Craven joining just goes to show the quality that Jim is building up (paying for them is a different issue). Without wishing to be rude to the lads that went the current squad puts names like Gaghan, Hockenhull, Jones et al into the shadows!

The reality of all the above, I think we are in a great position and in truth apart from 2 or 3 games from the 10 I actually still don’t believe we have hit top gear. I think we can play better than we are doing and that probably says more about the team than anything else!!!

Good stuff guys - back to reality eh?

I think JV has bolstered the squad from last season and agree other than perhaps Jones, is there anyone at BPA that you would have back?

I also think the players JV has brought in are more suited for those difficult away matches on difficult surfaces, where in the past we have sometimes been out-muscled rather than out-played.

Q1 report - excellent work, please keep it up!

Have t agree with all that has been said above and i think along the same lines as the rabbit as it doesnt sound like we have hit top gear yet so only bodes well for the future! Keep it up lads starting with prescot tonight! Weve got something to build on and no time to start like the present! Come on Witton!