A blast from the past.

Formby, remember them?

The Squirrels have been granted permission to join the Liverpool County Premier League next season.

Wonder when was the last time we played them in a competitive first team game?

1970-71 in the FA Cup perhaps?

Or maybe April of the 1978-79 season in the old Cheshire County League Division One?

I recall that we played at Formby on 17.11.1973, a week before Formby beat Oldham Athletic 2-0 in the FA Cup.

Their dissolution in 2014 allowed 1874 to be promoted to the NWCFL Premier Division (the first of their “promotions”)

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The last league meeting was at the Central Ground on 5th April, 1978.

Result: Witton Albion 1 Formby 2.

Bob Johnston scored Witton’s goal.

[quote=“WHEELS post=83405 userid=1092”]The last league meeting was at the Central Ground on 5th April, 1978.

Result: Witton Albion 1 Formby 2.

Bob Johnston scored Witton’s goal.[/quote]

Surely there would have been Cheshire County League fixtures between the two clubs in the following 1978-79 season?


The last league meeting was on 28th April 1979.

Formby 0 Witton Albion 1.

Witton finished second behind Horwich RMI and were promoted to the Northern Premier League.

From memory, Horwich RMI’s ground didn’t meet the grading criteria.

Slightly off topic, wasn’t Horwich ground called Grundy Hill, they did change their name too, for the life of me i can’t remember to what please help !

Correct. Horwich RMI’s ground was Grundy Hill. They later changed their name to Leigh RMI and then Leigh Genesis after moving to Leigh Sports Village.

Thanks Wheels, just googled it, I remember going there back in the day!
Another memory from that period was Great Harwood FC, I recall one Tuesday night going there, the clubhouse was a portakabin.

I think Dougie Lloyd was our chairman, the “boardroom” was partitioned from the main room by a curtain, it was a particularly cold evening and the hosts wheeled in a gas fire. About 3 minutes later the curtains burst into flames mass exodus ensued. Proper non league football! I think we won 2-1.

For me it doesn’t matter what league you are in it’s still our club and I used to enjoy those away days the banter was always good.

One of the best Witton goals I’ve ever seen was scored by Dave Carrick against Formby at the Central Ground. Also seem to remember someone who posts on here (not you Colin) having a bit of a scuffle with Formby’s keeper at their place one year after not giving him the ball back! Different times.

Always enjoyed going to Buxton as a kid, remember Mark Fielding scoring an absolute screamer at Nantwich(old ground), must have been around 81/82 ish.