A harsh reality of being in this league....

… is that once clubs go out of business (Halifax, Telford) or are demoted (Boston) they end up in our league or Division 1 and we continually have to deal with clubs with much bigger budgets than ours. Add to this the likes of FCUM, and it seems like a pretty unfair scenario, and it makes it very difficult for clubs who are right for this level of football to compete against these teams. Why should clubs who have effectively started from scratch be able to start in this league?? They should be made to start from the very bottom i.e Mid Cheshire League or equivalent.

Your right Greenie it is an unfair I think the main reasoning behind them going into our league is its the furthest down the ladder with grounds that are able to accomodate the likes of Boston, Halifax, Telford fans. I can’t imagine 1500 Boston fans fitting safely into somewhere like Barnton, Poulton Vics etc.

The main issue I have is that this seems to happen every year why cant the conference step in before it gets to late. Everyone knew Halifax were in financial trouble months and months ago. There needs to be more financial accountability the conference must look at figures and if say Boston are spending 10k a week on wages and only getting in say 5k then these issues need to be raised early and not when the team has gone into administration.

You have Alty surviving every year even though they finish in the bottom 4 how can that be good for the league? I really think that the organisation of Non-league football is a shambles at the min! Get GE and Chad on the administration side they will sort it out!! :laugh:

2 very good posts and can’t argue with any of the points made. The plus side is that we will benefit from the additional gate monies and that overall the quality of football displayed at Unibond level is constantly improving. I don’t believe there is much to separate the top half of the Unibond Prem with the Blue Sq North.