a piece of history

I was trawling through Ebay today and i come across a football medal with "WITTON ALBION MANCHESTER HEALEY CHARITY CUP WINNERS SEASON 1911-1912 R BOWAM"(who i assume was the player it was presented to). I tried to bid for myself but it got a bit rich for my blood as i thought it should be in the witton museum. If anyone agrees please look up item number 5186655276. The auction ends on the 22nd apr at 18.08. I would like to think that the club would do the decent thing and purchase it and donate it to the musuem but please do not let this piece of history end in some sad anoraks collection who doesnt understand the meaning of being of a wittoner.

Just found a better one,<br><br>Football stadium for sale, <br>2 previous owners,<br>part furnished,<br>needs slight attention,<br>available at the end of August,<br><br>will also throw in green football kit and goal posts [smiley=cheezy.gif]<br>

Be careful under the Trade Descriptions Act an item has to be available when advertised!!!<br><br>Just don’t specify which August!!!

…and you better remove the goalposts bit too, previous owners have already reclaimed those

did anyone bother or did i waste my time?

for your information lutkie_92 the medal has been purchased by Jimmy Powell and will be given to the club to go in the museum.<br>There were no takers on behalf of the club so I say on behalf of the supporters of Witton Albion a big thanks to Jimmy Powell

Thanks a lot Jim. I only saw this posting upon my return to these shores on Friday.<br><br>I can tell you that the person mentioned on the medal is actually R. Boden who made 25 appearances that season and wore the No 3 shirt in the aforementioned cup final. The match itself was played at Manchester City’s Hyde Road ground on April 27th 1912 and Albion won 4-1 with goals from D.Davies (2), T.Forster and Marshall.<br><br>On route to their triumph they beat the Lizards at their last home 1-0 on January 27th, Buxton 9-2 at home and Whitchurch 4-0 in the semi-final.<br><br>A report on this match is contained on page 32 in George Haspell’s book "Sons of Albion" when curiously, bearing in mind some previous postings on the subject, Albion referred to as the Trickies!!

Well done JIM. It goes to show that we are a football club about the people for the people.<br><br>Players and Directors may come and go but WE the supporters will always remain.<br><br>Thats why people who go to the likes of Blyth and Bishop auckland WILL and SHOULD be considered the lifeblood of the club.<br><br>

Great news! well done Jimmy. The medal is back where it truely belongs but i was the one who found it on ebay.

Pleased that Jimmy bought it, for your information Coep, I did place a bid on eBay, so the Club were aware. Thankfully Jimmy go it as I was working away at the closing date.

[smiley=applause_smiley.gif]Well Done Rob.

Well done jim, maybe next time we should put our heads together on things like this, I also put a couple of bids in so we’ve probably ended up bidding agianst each other!!!

;Someone said Pritch came on as sub in that game!!!

Can someone tell me is the medal in the musuem now?