A Song For Connors

We need to come up with a song for Stevie Connors. The boy deserves on after his performances this season.<br><br>Get your thinking caps on!<br><br>So far this season we’ve got one for Alex Brown, Mike Mosely, Mark Peers (sort of!!), and of course that young man who plays on the left and plays on the right.<br><br>So that leaves Connors. He’s taken up plenty of room in referees’ notebooks this year, so lets get him in the songbook too!

How about, I’m looking out for a hero"? Suits him, he is one.<br>WHS.

How about (to the tune of Jesus Christ superstar);<br><br>Stevie Connors, superstar,<br>he gets more bookings than Vics’s tapas bar!

That is absolutley inspired!<br> [smiley=banane.gif]

Not Connors but One for Woodley Sports FC<br><br>Classic Bon Jovi<br> Shot through the heart and your to blame. you give football a bad name, bad name.

How about ‘sh*t ground nude fans’?

Let us hope it is "one in the eye" for Woodley tomorrow. (And five in the net)<br>WHS

how about " we all dream of team of steve connors, a team of steve connors a team steve connors<br>no 1 was steve connors etc etc