a well wishing farsley fan

hello all,<br><br>i’ve just got back from the game (well done your lot) and i thought i’d stop by and leave a message for the lad who got injured towards the end of the game.<br><br>i was sitting in the terrace and the clash happened just in front of me. seeing the poor lad laid out was horrid.<br><br>my best wishes for a full and speedy recovery go out to him. hopefully it wasn’t as bad as it looked and he’ll be back playing before too long.<br><br>once again, my best wishes to him and good luck to your team for the rest of the season.<br><br>thanks,<br><br>dan

He,s OK … [smiley=banane.gif].HE,S ON HIS WAY BACK ,Great start 2 the season …WOOHOO. [smiley=banane.gif]

great news, that’s good to hear.<br><br>i feared the worst when he was getting a neck brace fitted…<br><br><br><br>and, yep, well done on the win. i haven’t seen farsley (albeit an understrength team) taken apart like that before. looks like you’ve got a pretty tasty team this year…<br><br>good luck for the rest of the season, apart from the return leg, of course…