A year ago this week

Well last weekend actually - we had the todo with Bradford PA, Gary Finley departed and many were saying how we’d gone backwards etc etc as we lost at home to lowly ashton in the league in the last minutes. Admitedly it could have gne either way!<br><br>A year on I thought it’d be nice to say we’ve moved forward as a club and surely no one can deny this. <br><br>FA Cup runs aside (it doesnt make a season) We are still a very good side to watch, challenging in the league, and have a management team who seem much more committed than any others I can think of in my time watching the club - who crucially have been backed by the board. (Did I mention we own our own ground…) <br>anyway…<br> [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]<br>

Spot on Neil. A year ago there were alot of people on this site ciriticising the appointment of Jim Vinc-io before he was ever given a chance. A year on, and i think Jim has done us all proud.