Adam Warlow

Its probably already been said but can i just say what a great coup for the club this is! Especially after last season when i remember we had three players on loan from crewe (i think) n then we lost them all at the same time and with all the injuries we had at the same time it ruined our season i believe! So as i say again great work to keep Adam on board!! [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=banane.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif] [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

We will need help to pay for him though. All donations towards the team budget STILL gratefully received.<br><br>

It was also mentioned on Sky Sports News football headlines that hes extending his loan.<br>Shows how good a player he is!!

Jim and Benny have managed to get some excellent players into the club at a time when there are obviously a lot of other teams in our league spending considerable sums.<br><br>I think we have a real chance this year and (apart from Burscough) the football has been really great to watch.<br><br>The management team and players are obviously doing there bit, So lets all support the club in every way that we can!!

For those who can’t afford to put in a fixed amount each week towards the playing budget, a few of us are trying to get a bit of spare cash together in another way.<br><br>Basically, it’s ?8 to get into the home games, so if you’re paying with a ?10 note and you’re not really doing much with the ?2 quid change, we’re going to pool it togther and pass it on to Andy Chad. If anyone wants to do the same then please feel free.