Against Frickley

Whilst we would prefer to have Saturday’s decider in our own hands there is still reason to be optimistic.

If Burscough beat Telford then we will need to beat Frickley by a margin of three or more, this is not impossible by any means (remember home wins against Whitby 7-2, Lincoln 6-0, Marine 5-2 and Ilkeston 4-1, all 3+ margins since Christmas)!

The top two have done what we might need to achieve;

Burscough 5 v Frickley 2 (3 goal margin)
Telford 4 v Frickley 1 (3 goal margin)

If they draw then a win by any margin for us will be enough for the title!

Telford have drawn 15 times this season (the most in the league along with Lincoln)!

Plus, Telford have drawn 4 of the their last 5 home games - Burscough have drawn 4 of their last 5 away games! Whilst both sides will be pushing like mad for the outright win at any other point of the season this would be down on the coupon as a draw!!!

Burscough are unbeaten in 14 games including their last six away games, so all in all a draw or a Burscough win (by hopefully one goal margin) are both very very realistic results!!!

We need to go all out against Frickley and look to put this game to bed in the first half hour, time to turn it on and get back to the great home performances of a month or two ago. If we can score early on then it puts us in a very strong position.

This has been a season of many twists and turns, there is a very good chance that there is still a major twist still to happen!

Get behind the lads Saturday, if we win we are guaranteed 2nd and home advantage in the play-off games, hardly a bad outcome.


Maybe not "in our own hands" any more but seems a lot better this morning :slight_smile:

The key thing is to win on Saturday and aim to score goals. If the Albion win and the Telford v Burscough game is drawn then we’re champions, alternatively if we win by two goals more than Burscough win then we’re also champions.

As far as I can tell, any other outcome and it’s second or third place and the play-offs.

how can we keep up to date with the burs-telford game inside the ground on sat? is on radio? the pa guy has got to be very carful about what and when info to give out. the upside IF we dont finnish champions is weve got two more games to wtach and cheer the lads on. [color=red]COME ON THE ALBION!!![/color]

I can see Telford-Burscough being a draw.After all the Rabbits stats it looks quite likely.And we should beat Frickley,I still think we’ve got a great chance of winning the league.I might go Telford,keep you all updated on the score,then as the trophy will probably be there cos theres 2 teams who could win it at that ground,when we win I’ll grab it,bring it back up the A49,then if I dont get lost which I probably will,we’ll be celebrating with the trophy in the club by 6pm!!

I feel confident that Burscough will win at Telford. Theyre the form team at the moment, and theyre scoring plenty of goals too. Lets Hope that its just by a single Goal if they do win.

From rabbits stats i feel there is definately reason to feel confident! We can still do this! Keep the faith in the red and white! Come on Witton!

Thanks mad_scad, glad the stats cheered you up!

Remember either team could win this or it could be a draw!!! ;D ;D ;D

I genuinely think that a draw is the highest probable outcome (we need big Stu to get some stats on the go)! Both sides are going to push like mad and the game is set-up to be a cracker.

This season has been very strange for twists and turns during the run-in and I think the biggest twist could still yet happen, a draw at their match and we nip in to nick it with a home win and 3 points.

I would laugh all the way to the pub!!!


It is certainly a possibility and stranger things have happened.

Having 2 teams who have to win is a bonus.

Should we win I think we are guarunteed 2 home games (assuming a semi victory) in the play off which given our home form must be a bonus and will certainly keep the interest going in town and get a few more people along to WP!

Yeh but Stu what are the statistical chances of those results happening - this is the detail we really need to know?


Good luck for the Frickley match boys we were unlucky on Tuesday, well done to the fantastic support lets carry this on for Saturday but even louder!!


Telford will win against Burscough and the way we are performing at present I don’t see us beating either Marine or Matlock, never mind Burscough. The flowing football has stopped and the team are playing with their nerves on edge, unless that stops we have had it.

WHS what has happened to you? no less than 2 days ago you were saying ‘we will win against telford and we will win this league’! now you are saying we are quite simply not good enough to win anything! From what it sounds you are saying we arent good enough to beat a junior team of under 10’s! I think you have gone slightly wrong there somewhere as im sure you know a team doesnt change in the space of 2 days just because of one result! Get a grip! We hopefully will beat Frickley on saturday and then as ive said before it is highly likely that telford and burscough will draw meaning we will hopefully win the league in dramatic circumstances! This is the last point in time we need negativity! It can still be done! Keep the faith! Come on Witton!

WHS predicted we WILL win against Telford so when he predicts Telford WILL win against Burscough dont listen,hes not always right!! I think a draw is highly likely between them and weve not stopped playing well just cos we got beat 1-0,we played well at Whitby and I expect us to win Saturday. To even have a chance on the last day is something and the way this leagues gone with all the twists and turns it would be typical for the team 3rd come the last day of the season to sneak past and win it.

I just hope Burscough hold their nerve and don’t freeze on the day. There is likely to be a crowd of circa 6000 at Telford and you can’t imagine anything other than a few hundred from Burscough.

That said I think Burscough are more than capable of getting a result against Telford. We just have to make sure that if they do we have done our part by beating Frickley and to do that we have to concentrate at what’s happening at WP not the Bucks Head.

Come on the Albion!!

Lets hope for a decent crowd here too.Vics last home game of the season on Wednesday attendance was 515!! No wonder Connetts p1ssed off,surely we can beat that.

I know quite a few people who can’t make it Saturday. SPREAD THE WORD get as many people there as possible and BE VOCAL

One "new face" at Wincham park tomorrow will be one of the "Albion legends" that will certainly feature early next season in the "Albion Review".

I have been informed that none other than Bill "tick-a-tick" Tynan and who from the infamous Central Ground Choir days can ever forget that chant. Bill played from 1965 to 1970 and amassed a total of 205 appearances knocking in 80 goals along the way. He’d have scored a good deal more but for the fact that when Chris Nicholl moved into the Football Lleague, Bill took over in defence playing between Ken Barnes & John Goryl.

So let your dads, grandads know Bill will be there and who knows some of the missing Wittoners will come along to help cheer us on our way.

altough i still believe that the championship is not over but if i was a nuetral like the fa for example then the championship trophy will be at telfords ground. What happens then if/ when we win the league? do we get a trophy or will it be a replica like the premier league has sometimes.

If we win the league it will be presented at the player of the year Do at night.

How mahy can we fit in???

You are all right, I should be positive but having been a Wittoner for well over 50 years I have got used to us throwing things away at the death, luck seems to be rarely on our side. Hopefully it is the turn of other clubs to throw it away and leave us with the title. Actually listening to Mike Worthington last night bucked me up no end, he was very positive about our future, win or lose the league.