Surprised to read in the paper that our debt had only gone down by the amount Vics pay us. Still over ?100,000.<br>Given we are out of the cups that matter and only mid table should we be concerned about what happens when they go? Simple maths suggest we are running at a sizeable loss without the rent as the debt would need to be paid for and gates are dropping.

Amazing how many of you Vics fans try to sound like Witton fans on here in a sad attempt to stir the s h i t isn’t it? As for simple maths, since when has 7th (prior to 3 pm today) been mid table? What do you class second from bottom, the verge of the a play off challenge? If you look elsewhere on this site in the past few weeks both Rob Sproston and Mark Harris have highlighted the budget and finances at Witton.

I don’t know who this Lostock Len is But I think he is trying to make people think that it is me??<br>It certainly isn’t<br>You all know that there is only ONE Len from Lostock<br>So I think he should get back on his V**S board

Would be interesting to learn how many other clubs can say they are making a profit and paying off debts the correct way. no wonder Banks are happy to do business with us