Albion 4 Gateshead 1

It took some time to find today’s score out over here!<br><br>Anyone have any details?

A much better performance espicially second half after giving the penalty away. Felt we looked a lot more dangerous and gave away a needless penalty. Bird made a good impact when coming on to setup Mike. Looking forward to find out who the new manager is.<br><br>Scorers: Stannard,Pritch and Moseley 2.<br>MOM IMO: Difficult to pick with some good performances but MM.

Team:<br>Gibson, Evans, Tickle, Furnival, Pritch, Madin, Baker, Barlow, Stannard, Moseley, Burton.<br>Subs:<br>Yates for Stannard<br>Bird for Burton<br>Kyle Dyson (reserve player) for Madin<br><br>Decent performance and 4 goals at home - thought that sort of thing was outlawed!<br><br>They had their moments and despite being bottom of the league offered more than Emley, Frickley and a few others who we have previously failed to beat.<br><br>Too many attacks and chances to go through, just one talking point - the 2nd goal was Pritch’s! Well most of us behind the goal thought it was anyway. Credit to Mike for putting it in anyway as I don’t think the ref was too sure.<br><br>Up to 7th now, new manager very shortly, hasn’t been a bad day has it?

Godd result today but not overall convinced about the performance. We were playing the leagues bottom club and until the last 10 mins there was only one goal in it.If we are to reach the play offs we will have to play alot better, monday night will be a test but get the feeling monday won’t be a good day if the rumours are true about the new manager! He certainly would’nt be my choice. The crowd was also dreadful today, 242, I thought this was the time more than ever for wittoners to support their club, I’m begining to wonder if we’ll get 300 ever again!

Indeed a good win.<br><br>Yes there was only 1 goal in it until the last 10 mins, but at least we beat them convincingly at the end. ?They were bottom, but better than some other teams I’ve seen this season and Frickley were bottom and we came nowhere near beating them.<br><br>Had JD still been in charge, we’d have seen us desperately cling on to a 2-1 win rather than push forward and secure it with 2 more goals.<br><br>A couple of players had off days yesterday, but that’s not important as we won and I don’t wish to whinge when we have no manager and the club needs our support. ?On the other side of the coin, some players had excellent games and showed me that maybe my opinions formed at the Wakefield game were unjustified.<br><br>The new lad Kyle Dyson looked pretty sharp although he did only have 10 or so minutes, but it’s good to see players from the reserves coming through.<br><br>It was also good to see Craig Sargeson warming up before the game - it must be very frustrating for him to be sidelined with an injury that doesn’t actually affect his football (like a leg for example!!!)<br><br>Thought Ryan Baker looked a lot better - tried to drive forward more than has done so in previous games - I’m sure his first goal for the club will come very soon.<br><br>Re: the attendance, despite an improved performance last Saturday, unfortunately we did get knocked out of the cup so people will not assume we played better. ?I would normally say that following yesterday’s win the gate may well increase for Monday but with it being a league cup game, that may not happen. ?However, with the new manager being announced on Monday, a few extra may come to get the gossip as such!!<br>What I will say though, is that a 2-1 win yesterday under JD would have had less of a positive effect on the next attendance as the 4-1 win will have done.<br><br>Finally, I’m afraid to say that although Mr Moseley has been credited with a hat-trick (which no-one begrudges him!) the goal was Pritch’s!! ?The ref didn’t actually give the goal until the ball had hit the back of the net a second time! ?I’m sure Pritch won’t mind his goal going to Mike!! ;)<br><br>Well done Mike Moseley for his hat-trick though!! ;)<br><br>

I have read through the comments posted re yesterdays game, I agree the goal was probably Pritch’s. <br><br>There were some good performances, Ryan, Tick, Evans and Yates.<br><br>Ryan - was busy, got stuck in and made some great passes<br><br>Tick - Defended well, vocal.<br><br>Evans - Very energetic, got forward and supported attacks.<br><br>Yates - Accurate passing and a hand in all three second half goals.<br><br><br><br>

The cheek of Mike! Its not like he doesn’t score goals is it? It was my goal the linesman put his flag up to indicate it hence why i spun away was celebrating it, nice of Mike to make sure it was over the line though. But still he has claimed it after the game to our officials!!! As you can probably tell i am not happy about it

A good performance, the team are worth watching again, Gateshead maybe bottom but they had a couple of good perfomances last week against Southport.<br><br>With the side playing like that, a new manager will only have to tweek a bit and we have a side good enough to get in the Play Offs.

Well the word is, Is that he is bringing a few players with him so hopefully they’ll be the extra players we’ve always needed to get into Conference North.

Pritch I have credited you with the goal on the appearances page however it’ll have to be changed if the record books say MM got his 97th yes 97th goal yesterday!<br><br>

Don’t worry Pritch - I’ll make sure you appear on more pages on the 2005 calendar than Mike does then!!! [smiley=cheezy.gif]

Isn’t it funny how there is a lot less replies to this topic because we won and played well?

Absolutely Akie.<br><br>Wittoners aren’t happy unless they can whinge.<br><br>No doubt if we don’t win on Saturday, everyone will moan again although very few will see the game themselves.<br><br>

We should make a list of people who go and restrict moaning to those who saw it. Or would that be a bit sad?

only 2 more replies and we can turn this round.

I say give HughessEEEEEE the job (IF he wants it) <br><br>The campaign starts here!!!<br><br>If the Guardians to be believed Futcher and 4 Lower Lge managers are in the frame. Surely it would be better to give it to someone who is COMMITTED TO WAFC.<br>

Andy,<br><br>I know you are joking but anyway I’m not qualified or experienced enough, And you know I couldn’t resist dropping Pritch and playing myself ;)<br><br>Lets hope there is a BIG announcement next week and the new manager pulls everyone together.<br><br>cheers [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Qualified ?, I can never get my head around the so called importance of coaching badges. Can someone explain please. ???<br>I’ve got a first aid certificate does that mean I can apply for a Doctors post ?<br><br>Tell u what Andy it might be a hell of a gamble with Hughessey but we could do a great deal worse <br>as history reveals we have had some pretty grim managers in the past.<br>Now the worst must have been …<br>

I wasnt joking it would be great to see you throw your hat in the ring HughesEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.<br><br>Instant respect of players and fans alike with commitment to match.<br><br>As ME says we could do a darn sight worse (We nearly did!).<br><br><br><br>

P.S. You can use my coaching badge I’m not using it!!!