Albion cause a stir....

Seems a few clubs are suprised at our move to part company with the management team, here’s a few links for you if you get chance to have a look:<br><br>Chorley site:<br>;file=&amp;start=1&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Unibond site:<br>;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;Burscough&lt;br&gt;;action=display&amp;num=1099346072&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;If only they’d seen Saturday!

Of course people are surprised, managers USUALLY get judged on results!!!<br><br>I agree that some of the football this season has been unattractive but Leek aside I havent seen anyone else playing particularly attractive football!<br><br>Is it really only a game and a half ago that we played so well at Radcliffe (1st Half)?!?<br><br><br>

Just to quantify that results thing - Before Saturday we had lost one league game out of the previous twelve.<br>

Andy from the time shown of the posting I think "get the sleep out of your eyes" is quite appropriate.<br> Not seen u for a while at a game.<br>Now how many points have we got during this nearly unbeaten run ?.<br>and how many happy customers have we got ?

No your rite Andy I missed the game at Emley(fortunately) but was at the previous one at Radcliffe so its been a while?<br><br> Like everyone else was bewildered by the game of two halves, but my point is, at Witton we are so fickle and expect our team to play open and attacking football, batter every team that comes to WP and win every game - Its just like being at White Hart Lane!<br><br>Those days were great days but I think we all need to take a reality check.<br>

But we were drawing most of our games against poor opposition and the first half against Radcliffe proved we were still a good attacking force just that JD was stifling that with his defensive style. Saturday was the first time this season I really enjoyed watching Albion this season. Which surely speaks volumes considering we went 3-0 down!