Albion v Bridlington

HT 0-0 Lots of possession but not making chances.<br>King in for Baker (injury) rest of team unchanged.<br><br>Sounds like hell of a game at Burscough they lead Lincoln 4-2 at HT.

Bridlington down to 9 men 30 mins to go !

Finished 0-0 shocking last 30mins. Didn’t even look like scoring except Madin’s one chance which was well saved. Bridlington fans were a disgrace second half & they nearly nicked it with a header in injury time.

Teamsheet is now updated.<br><br>Not being too hopeful making the trip there just with regards to our away form this season, after the first half I changed my mind and thought we’d win comfortably. Although Brid had had quite a bit of possession, we’d created the most chances. <br><br>After they had two guys sent off though (one for a second yellow for pullling Mike back by the neck(!) when he was through on goal and the other for complaining to the referee that that was a legitimate challenge by their standards(!!)) I thought - hmm - doddle.<br><br>Not so. Brid defended and we used half of the pitch (the middle half - no wings). We missed out the midfield, choosing to lump it over to Mike, Lee and Mike. This didn’t work. Tried and tested - it doesn’t work - let’s use a different tactic and try the wings, eh?<br><br>At least the Wakefield game next weekend isn’t a must win, but the away game at Hyde is. Fair enough, we beat them twice last year, but can we beat them again? They’re unbeaten in the league so far this season - are we the team to do it - especially with our awful away record?<br><br>Who knows - stranger things have happened.<br><br>On a more optimistic note - Jordan King looked nice. AND he looked like he could play football too!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Sounds like a very disappointing result based on their lowly league position and a 2 man advantage for the last half hour.<br><br>I presume the Garys were trying to get the players to do different things to make the extra numbers count?<br><br>And i guess that they now know that something (Motivation/Ability/Application) is wrong so we should see some more changes, before a top 5 place becomes a distant memory!<br>

A very disappointing afternoon in the end.<br><br>A good first hour saw us apply ourselves much better than we had at Gateshead, Frickley and Wakefield in my opinion hence a bit of optimism at half time. We continued well enough in the 2nd half looking for that break.<br><br>It came I’d say in the way of them being reduced to 9 men, you’d have thought? Erm… no.<br>We proceeded to play the kind of football I was rollocked for at school as a 12 year old for playing. As Debbie says given the lack of success we have from lumping it usually I’m unsure why this appeared to be the best method.<br><br>I could argue we didnt get the break as several shots from Yates and Moseley flashed across the goal mouth and Madin hit his best effort right at the keeper. However 9 men to most sides would be abreak and Brid certainly had their chances hitting the post in the 1st half and just missing in the dying minutes, I was relieved to hear a final whistle.<br><br>What I’m trying to phathom now is why we are so terrible away from home?<br>Another 290 miles yesterday and for a better return than usual, but still a disappointing return. On that basis I have to say I don’t travel to Hyde with all that much optimism.<br><br>Yes realist you do have a point indeed, I hope more new players are forthcoming, given the last 4 performances it should be more than clear we aren’t good enough for a top 5 spot. 3 weeks into the job though, 2 new players, of whom appear to have played well at a higher level is a good place to start. <br><br>Next league game sees us half way through the campaign, so all is not lost.<br><br>As a final point, I’m sure moss farm is lit better than that place was yesterday. :-/

Sounds like another woeful performance, against 9 men and it seems we were lucky to get a point. The boot and run tactics are not going to work and certainly won’t improve the gates. The xmas period is crucial, 2 defeats against Hyde will kill us off, I wonder if we’ll be wishing JD was back?

How would we manage 2 defeats against Hyde then?<br><br>Are you a Northwicher in disguise???

Certainly not!! was under impression we had Hyde home and away though - my mistake, but we still need points of them.