Albion v. Frickley

1 - 0 up at half time.

Final score Albion 2 Frickley 0.<br>

Up to 7th in the table now. Had we won at Gateshead and Frickley, as we really should have been expected to do, then we would have been six points off the top with two games in hand. Could be costly!

Barlow scored a header off the post first half and Moseley put away a 1on1 before a slight error let Frickley back in but a good win nonetheless.<br><br>MOM: pritchio

Was it 2 -1 then? Unibond site reported the score as 2 - 0.

Yeh 2-1 Mike, bit of a Gibbo error for it but…<br><br>Team:<br>Gibbo, Evans, Pritch, Furnival, Tickle, Foy, Barlow, Stannard, Baker, Moseley, Madin<br><br>Subs:<br>Yates for Madin<br>Farley for Barlow<br>Not used Burton<br><br>Not the best game I’ve ever seen but another 3 points - 6 in a week at home. To be fair as Mike said if we’d managed that against Frickley, Wakefield or Gateshead away we’d be even closer to the play offs.<br>Lets just keep at it.<br>Next week the sea side! :wink:

3 points, probably the best thing to say about today, of course that is for the 5 young ladies who turned up in the club later :stuck_out_tongue: almost put Debbie in the shade

Not a great game by any standards but at least we beat them this time, unlike at their place, and unlike Gateshead and Wakefield!<br><br>I thought they were a difficult team to play football against as they were very physical and I thought we coped quite well, especially with the unpredictability of the referees decisions. (Not moaning by the way, thought Pritch was lucky not to have conceded a penalty in the dying moments, holding the guy back on the touchline allowing Gibbo to collect the ball!)<br><br>A couple of players didn’t really feature much in the game; was surprised at half time to find out that a couple of midfielders were actually playing.<br><br>Two wins on the bounce though - maybe we can go on to equal Farsley’s 8 wins in a row yet!! Who knows!!<br><br>And I’ve never seen a room go as deadly silent as when those girls walked in after the game; jaws to the ground and Sprucie smiling!! Yes - honestly!!<br> ;D ;D ;D<br>

where the hell was i when all these young ladies entered? <br><br> ???<br><br>must have been concentrating on the first pint of the day/night a bit too much!<br> ;D

oh yeh, another 3 points will definitely help with the cause and the confidence all round<br><br>we outplayed them 1st half but they certainly had the best of the 2nd, luckily we scored more than them- which is what matters

Too true simmo. he obviously are to into witton to notice these ladies. Shame really but on a serious point it was a good win which propels us towards the playoff.

Holding my A R S E! The lad fell over as the ball was shielded out of play. Great vision though, Debbie from 113 yards away on the Wincham End terrace!

Not catch me holding Pritchs a r s e, as for those young girls… [smiley=applause_smiley.gif]

Why do you think I wear glasses, Pritch??!<br><br>[quote]Holding my A R S E![/quote]<br><br>And that’s how vicious rumours start!!


Pleased with the win, but not very convincing, still showed up all the deficiencies, lack of quality in midfield, no partner for mike mosely - but im sure the new mgt will be trying to resolve it by at least a couple of signing more ? barlow and foy in midfield work really hard but can you really see them in a team that could win the league ? hope weve got some budget left, on the gate front a win over workington will not thrill the armchair watchers, it will take a number of good wins and playing entertaining football to get them back after the drudgery of past displays and all the poor cup defeats ?

Getting a bit fed up with PRITCH getting my vote for man of the match any chance of anyone else challenging.<br>Someone told me that he even had the cheek to say he had a hand in Mike M’s hatrick the other week :o <br>corr he is a glory seeker isnt he

[quote]Holding my A R S E! The lad fell over as the ball was shielded out of play. Great vision though, Debbie from 113 yards away on the Wincham End terrace![/quote]<br><br>Quite right unlike most of the other decisions by the match officials they made the correct one on this occasion - keep up the good work Brian playing like that I wont have to spend all my wages on Fibrogel…