Albion v. Lincoln

1 - 0 to the Albs at half time.

Full time 3 - 0.

Who scored the goals and what was the starting line up?

Three points, three goals and could have been many more. <br><br>The concern has to be the gate 206, why has support just dwindled away? <br><br>Worth a debate I am sure.

Team:<br>Kennedy, Lathamn, King, spearitt, Pritch, Foy, Connors, Pears, McGuire, Moseley, B. Jones<br><br>Subs M. Jones for Foy<br>A. Hurst for Peers<br>n/u G Jones<br><br>Goals from Ben on 6 mins, cracking tun and finish in the top corner.<br>The other 2 penalties from Mike and Ben.<br><br>A special mention for the ref who disallowed 2 perfectly good goals for presumably sneezing on the keeper. He then sent there keeper off - rightly so then gave us another penalty when their lad won the ball! In the end the result was probably a fair reflection of the dominance. <br>all eyes on Tuesday.<br><br>The gate, as per usual absolutley no one from Lincoln at all. (I expect Marine may manage double figures on Tuesday!) and there was another game locally today - whilst you wouldn’t catch me going there, plenty of neutrals may have found that a slightly bigger pull.<br>

Good win 2 day… :)…great goal from Ben…should of been a lot more…could,nt see much wrong with the 2 disallowed goals…agree with neil…we must of sneezed to hard…lol… Great to see Ben Jones there, stops the whispers for a while… ;D…sad to here ANDY LEE is going to WORKSOP Thou…I WISH HIM ALL THE BEST 8)

good day for the club with all teams winning , reserves had a great win away at styal. Third in league.<br>The forum seems to be quiet i would hate to think thats because we all won !!!<br>

A good three points, although we have played better and lost.<br>Thought the referee made some curious decisions, two perfectly good goals, disallowed ,presumably for infringements on the Lincoln goalie. Think the ref was <br>Convinced that no goalkeeper could be so inept at dealing with anything in the air, alas I don?t think he took into account the number ones diminutive stature.<br>The 2 pens, thought the first was stonewall, the second well, sometimes given sometimes not.<br>Nice to see Jimmy Vince defusing a possible ugly situation at the end of the game, as Lincoln berated the hapless officials there was every chance of the Witton players getting involved… <br>As for the gate Rob. Yes very poor, but having witnessed the home form overall this season together with yet more recent upheaval , it is not so surprising. Is it ?.<br><br>Its time to move on Again !, get behind Jimmy and Benny,and lets release any players who do not want to play for Witton Albion<br>

Agree, Andy<br><br>the green s----e at home, man u at home also contributed, but I thought we played very well, andy lee wasnt missed really, also thought sub debut by Mark Jones was very good he looks a good player, ben jones looked as good as ever, if we all get behind jimmy and benny and the team ! it will get better, gates money and everything.<br><br>referee well nothing left to say he was awful, neither header should have ben disallowed the keeper jumped into players and could not get the ball ? wouldnt like to many more players released now, we need to build on what weve got using the reserves when needed, a good win tomorrow and it will be looking a lot brighter after all the upheaval and negative comments on here by stirrers.

Why do we get so many bad referees at WP? The first dissallowed goal i would say that the witton player(i think it was Ben) was half a yard in front of the keeper and he just lost flight of the ball. For the second although there was no contact with the keeper you do see them chalked off ie sol campbell against portugal and argentina. Man of the match for me was Connors and it was good to see him brought over to the fans for special round of applause but he did look rather embarrased by it though. Did anyone spot the ex witton player in the lincoln xl? but the funniest thing of the day had to be the cow in the carpark that had escaped from a neighbouring field(or vic’s dugout). Only in non league football.

By the way the second penalty was never a pen.

Good memory there! The Lincoln No.3 BEN DIXON was the player who appeared for Albion for 4 games back in our Conference days in Oct/Nov 1993 whilst on loan from Lincoln City

I don’t think the fact that Man Utd were at home has any influence on Albion’s gate. Perhaps a few stragglers went across the canal, but how many 15 - 20?<br><br>I think gates are a serious problem and will certainly effect progress of the Club. The average gates have dropped considerably in the past two or three years. Once we were one of the best supported teams, now we are well down the list. A major problem

I was at Old Trafford on Saturday!<br><br>Two succesive weeks where we exited the F.A. competitions and a mid table league position aint exactly going to get the punters in.<br><br>It is a concern that the club is literally dying out- the average age of supporters appears to be rising. <br><br>There was talk last year of having a different school down for each game which didn’t materialise.<br>

Sorry Young Chad:<br><br>I invited EVERY child from Victoria Road, Church Walk & Lostock Gralam Primary Schools for Aug/Sept games with FREE entrance. <br><br>We got NONE.<br><br>I invited EVERY child from Great Budworth & Wincham Primary Schools for October’s games.<br><br>We’ve had THREE.<br><br>I’ll be inviting EVERY child from the whole of the north west eventually to try and get up to TEN!!<br><br>GE<br>

The only secret to gates increase is winning ? and if possible attractively, look at the green s----e, when they go bust and we improve gates will !!

I know that Mr Edge. <br><br>I was referring to last season when there was supposed to be kids from schools coming down in an organised fashion and having either a mini match or penalty shoot out on the pitch at half time.<br><br>I know from my own experience when myself and Laurie Alder got the juniors there on a fairly regular basis that you have to give them a purpose to come down.

What an excellent volunteer to reinvent this you are Chad!!<br><br>GE<br>

Whilst on the subject of gates we are not the only ones suffering 138 at Wakefield and 43 :o at Ossett.<br><br>however over 1600 at Telford, what is their secret ?