Albion v Lincoln

Another home defeat, no wonder the attendance was one of the worst in the league!

Our game was of little significance today thought the performance altered once the enforced move of Barlow to defence took place.<br>God bless Leigh RMI wooden spoons anybody

Team:<br><br>Gibson<br>Salt<br>furnival<br>Hughes<br>Tickle<br>Foy<br>Nolan<br>Barlow<br>Yates<br>Sargeson<br>Moseley<br><br>Subs: (I think)<br>Dicken for Tickle injured<br>Burton for Hughes injured<br>Carden for (it escapes me)<br><br>A disappointing performance given the last 3 very sound performances we have put in away from home. Some of the players looked tired to me, even I turned up thinkng "crikey another game" as Bridlington seemed like only yesterday! <br>It’s an excuse yes, but the premiership players use it - why not semi-pros with full time jobs? In fact the pile up - much worse at other clubs will probably be what will keep our league position about where it is as teams below will struggle to make much ground playing 3-4 games a week. thats my take on it anyway.<br><br>The game itself I’m actually a bit sketchy on (must have been talking too much) I remember us starting brightly and Barlow got the goal on around 25 mins, after a good cross from Sargeson. <br>Lincoln took a firmer grip in the 2nd half though and scored 3 goals - the first and excellent cross which was put in at the far post, the 2nd appeared to be stabbed home from about 12 yards and the 3rd from a free kick in the last minute pretty much.<br>Albion did keep plugging away, and did have a few chances throughout the match but couldn’t seem to find the cutting edge.<br><br>As for the gate - was hoping for 300, but given it looked like Lincoln had about 5 (who were probably officials anyway) it wasn’t so bad. Hardly a local derby, which is what most sides had yesterday.<br><br>Of well only a couple of days off and we’re playing again…

I think they were just a lot fresher than us cos’ of the amount of games we had played in the last week or so. I am not reading too much into the performance cos’ we played so well in our last 3 games before yesterday.

Why wasn’t pritch on the bench, he was there and is fit i believe. Then he could have gone on for Simon, leaving Andy Barlow in the midfield where we needed him. All the players we had on the bench were attacking ones, bad management in my book.

still the same problem of the gap between the forwards and the midfield. They made the change just after half time of going three at the back and putting someone in that space and they killed us was sad to see we didn’t react to that change, as for the attendance it was dissappointing, but not far off a certain conference game I could mention [smiley=banane.gif]