Albion v. Rushden and Diamonds

F.A. Trophy

Witton Albion v. Rushden and Diamonds

Saturday 13th January, 3.00 pm k.o.

I keep checking on the January Transfer activity and notice that Rushden are bringing in players left, right and centre.

Does anyone know if these players come with any pedigree, or are they journeymen just doing the rounds?

I know it takes a team with a lot of new faces time to gel so let’s hope that proves the case on Saturday when we show them what Witton Albion is all about.

To date this is how busy they have been:
Tom Bonner (Northampton)
Gary Mills (Crawley Town)
Jamie Cook (Witney Utd)
Jimmy Ghaichem (Peterborough_
Shane Hill (unattached)
Daniel Webb (Yeovil)

RE: Saturday.

10.30am in the Penny Black for breakfast is the plan at the moment. Trying to carry on the tradition from the Stamford and Woodley games.

Coz You wont see lunch time if You start that early.

Yeah and you started at 11 for woodley and were blowing air horns down mike blundell’s ear by 1 o’clock!! We’ll see you at about half 2 Stu.

Hello again, well where do we head for pubgrub around your place on Saturday? Can’t see us bringing that many unfortunately, but it’ll be good to get my first look at our new players. Had a fans forum with our new chairman and manager and we’ve put 7 players on the transfer list. Westley (manager) has told them straight that their performances have been unacceptable so we’re expecting a better showing this weekend.
Oh yes and can someone on your offy board make sure they also know we won the Football League Division 3 title as well :wink: ??

As stated earlier, some of us will be in the Penny Black from 10.30ish so feel free to join us. As it is a weatherspoons it is pretty cheap.
Apparently there is a mini pitch inspection friday night, so check on here before leaving on saturday morning.

Official pitch inspection on Saturday at 9am.

This game needs to be on on Saturday so if there is a problem we need workers on the pitch on Saturday morning please.


Fork Off ;D ;D

If the game is off on Saturday the game will take place on Tuesday 7.45pm.


Do you want people there before or after 9?
My dad and I will definitely be there to help out if needs be.

Before 9 we’ll be there,after 9 we’ll be in the pub! At least Stu will!!

The inspection is at 9am. If it needs work before 9 then if you’re available to do it, please come along.
I hope that the referee will say it’s ok as long as we work on it in the morning.

It all depends on how much more rain we get.


Thanks for the info, it’ll most likely be the Salt Barge then. What’s the parking like at your ground?

To Neil, I’m working on saturday so won’t be at the game so can do updates if required I know everyone else will be at the game dragging everyone they know to the game.

To not so young chad but slightly younger than the other chad, as above but have asked for the money so far in the paypal account to be transfered so hopefully will see you soon to give you the money. (usually takes about 6 days)

To GE, i will be there in the am with fork in hand and hairdrier if required. Whats the chances of getting a ball signed by both sides that I can put on ebay to add to the paypal acount for players fund?

To the players and management, Best wishes to you all I know if you play as well as you can then I will be there cheering you on in the next round!

There’ll be the coach plus a mini bus and then those in cars so I’d estimate 100 ish. Is it segregated?
My car (3 of us) will get there about 12.30, is it a long walk to the Salt Barge?


I’m back online at last, got about 12 different user names now and can’t remember the passwords to 11 of them! Can’t wait for tomorrow, I’m even looking forward to getting down to the ground at 8am to fork the pitch, it will help pass the time before we head down to the pub!

whats the weather at the moment up there

Very windy, but been dry for a few hours now hopefully the rain will hold off overnight not been down tho the ground so can’t comment on the pitch

Just wanted to wish the lads good luck for tomorrow, let’s hope the crowd is as big as the build up to the game! Will be checking online as usual to see the goals fly in. Come on the Alb!