Albion Vs Spartans

Does anyone know if the match is still on tonight following the rain?

Game is ON.<br><br>GE<br>

100% sure !!!

Pitch inspection at 13:00 says so.<br><br>Never can say 100% though…over 5 hours until KO…anything can happen.<br><br>Both our clubs need it to be on though.

Its been a lovely afternoon with the sun out and reasonably warm so can only have helped the pitch drain.

After going 1-0 down, the Alb have pulled it back to 1-1 at half time.<br><br>Blyth have had a man sent off as well…Come on the Alb!

Ferriby are 2-0 up so we need a win to keep in the playoff race…

Witton Albion 1-1 Blyth Spartans FT<br><br>Couldnt take advantage against 10 men whilst Ferriby increased the gap to 9 points. :frowning:

Whislt I didn’t see the incident on Monday that cost us a share of the spoils, tonights performance by the officials was also somewhat bizarre.<br><br>He let some pretty blatant fouling go unpunished, but he did get the penalty and the sending off correct.<br><br>Whilst some of our fans were venting their frustration at the ref, it is fair to say that Blyth managed to adapt to having a player sent off pretty well. Although our lads didn’t exactly run them ragged.<br><br>Its a toss up, was it a point gained (afterall they are 2nd in the league) or two points dropped, too close to call, but I would say we should have done better.<br>

Decent performance and a point against such a good side (league position) would normally be a point gained, we’re in a tricky situation though of needing to win every game! Ferribys result is disappointing but we still have to go there and win, must win tomorrow aswell though!<br><br>Hope everyone get s agood rest - 21hrs till kick off!<br>Hideous isnt it.<br><br>I’ll be texting Derek updates however so people can follow it on the site.

What was the line-up? Anyone rested? Any news on the team for Ilkeston?<br><br><br>

For Now<br><br>WITTON ALBION ?1 ?BLYTH SPARTANS ?1 ?Attendance 214<br><br>Team: Paxton; ?Hockenhull, Hughes, Pritchard, Brownhill; Peers, Connors, Jones M., Whalley; Moseley, Whittaker (Chappell 78mins). ?Subs n/u Bailey & Parkinson<br> <br>MOM Liam Brownhill ? Just keeps getting better and better n/b Shaun Whalley<br>Team Rating 3 Match Rating 3<br><br><br>Brett Walker had to work so Andy Paxton called up.<br><br>Blyth’s 38th minute goal, poorly defended free-kick, the ball coming back off the underside of the bar and Andrew Leeson reacted first and headed in.<br><br>Albion straight back in it, Mike Moseley through on goal when Richard Forster brought him down in the act of shooting. Red Card and a couple of minutes later Liam Brownhill penalty kick that just had enough power to defy Craig Turns who got a hand to it.<br><br>Two other possible red card incidents when Graham Fenton slyly kicked out at the prostrate Steve Connors & Peter Snowdon, who blatantly hauled Shaun Whalley back before providing a back hander across Shaun’s face. The latter totally missed by the referee (surprise surprise) who then appeared to chastise Shaun!!<br><br>Lot of diving going on also -could well be through a lack of oxygen given the heights of some of the Spartans players!!<br><br>In fairness though they used their strengths well and covered their one player 50 minute disadvantage very well.<br><br>As for tonight, well the coach leaves at 4pm and it may well be the first 14 who turn up will get a game. Expect Brett though to be back betwen the posts. Also of course it should be the MIGHTY PRITCH’s 500th. <br><br><br><br>