Albion's new signing 30.10.06

Witton Albion have secured the signature of goalkeeper Jon Kennedy for the rest of the season.<br><br> :)<br><br>GE<br>

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D <br>Great news

Top quality signing, something had to be done, too many errors. I like Worsnop but he had started to cost us, one minute brilliant the next ? John Kennedy is a proven class act and the best keeper around by a long way. Pity we didn`t have him a few weeks ago we may have still been in the FA Cup.

I agree that JK’s a class goalkeeper but whether we would still be in the FA Cup now with him in goal is difficult, if not impossible to say.<br><br>I still honestly believe that the FA Cup tie turned on one incident, the missed penalty but what’s gone has gone.

A good signing indeed, I may be synical but these signings must be costing us.<br>We need to keep the gates rising to pay for it and justify it - starting on Saturday and andy said elsewhere!

Good signing if we didn’t already have a keeper. whos paying for all these players. What if worsnops on a contract a we need to pay for him sitting in a stand!<br>I get the feeling Jim Vince cannot sign a player who’s never played for us. always players who we’ve had and let go (not JK) Then re-signed<br>Happy about the signing but not the cost. come chritmas and we need to release 3-4 players because we can’t afford them and then we lose points left right and centre because we’ve let players go. Like last year

interesting question here, which one of them will be asked to play in the reserves for the rest of the season ???

Tis good news but interesting point jimmy :-/

There is always the option of loaning players out, I like Worsnop he will be a great keeper but no one can deny he’s droppped a few rickets this season that have cost us points and yes the ball does have to come through the rest of the team first (except sat when it was launched over everyones head) but that is the burden that keepers have to accept, a mistake in that possition usaually costs you. A keeper of JK’s experience and stature could well be the pressence that the team needs to fulfill its potential this season.

awit, my view is that jim only signs quality players, and if they have played before for witton so what ? and dont worry about the budget thats jim and mikes job, i agree a couple might go including worsnop, because JK will be the number 1 but it will be the fringe players, last year we only lost the 2 crewe loan players, then also suffered a glut of injuries, unless we are unlucky again with injuries I dont see the main squad being cut especially if we are in the playoff positions which we will be ;D

Great signing, will put a lot of confidence in the defence. Without any shadow of doubt the club has the best squad of players since Nigel Gleghorn’s first season.<br><br>I sincerely hope this squad can remain together for the rest of the season because I am sure it will be at least a side to qualify for the Play Offs.<br><br>But as Neil and others comment, and I have had some stick on here for it, you worry how the squad with a dozen or so contracted players is going to be financed.<br><br>So the record remains the same, and as negative as ever, but I speak from experience.

Budget wise I would like to try and look at the possitives for this season;<br>1. A successful sponsorship draw <br>2. several thousand pounds from the FA cup results<br>3. Runcorn’s hire of the ground<br>4. A slight rise in attendances coupled with around a 30% rise in gate prices <br>5 Money that has been donated/raised so far by supporters for the team.<br>6 Fingers crossed a couple of rounds in the FA Trophy at least which again would raise several thousand<br><br>That is six points of additional funds from last season that springs to mind, although much much more needs to be done I can’t help but think that things MUST be far better than this time last year so come on lets be positive and look upwards!!! ;D

Yes Maddiesuncle, I hear your points, But I am afraid that that every point except No. 5 goes to the football club and not to the players budget.<br>As the budget was set at the beginning of the season.<br>So we desparately need more donations,to enable us to keep the squad together

Maddiesuncle there are several points. <br><br>Sponsorship draw was successful, but replaced the Len Cooke, McDonalds and Carlsberg sponsorship. Whether it actually collected as much as those three sponsors paid is unknown.<br><br>FA Cup money will be an addition<br><br>Runcorn money will be an addition<br><br>Not much different in gate receipts<br><br>Trophy will be useful if we win another three rounds!!<br><br>So in summary the only increase in revenue to the football club is Runcorn’s money, the FA Cup and the Trophy. I have no doubt that the expenses to run the club, fuel, insurance etc have all gone up.<br><br>I would say things are very tight.<br>

I think we all know that funding is tight, hence the work being done by some supporters (brilliant work guys!) to raise more money. Every Albion supporter needs to step up to the plate and deliver - whether that’s donating more money, working for the club or helping to fundraise. The worst thing that can happen now is that having put in so much effort we should fall short.<br><br>If you can do anything please put any differences aside and get in the fold and stop lobbing grenades in from the outside!

It’s less than 12 months since people were complaining that the club was showing no ambition coz the budget was being cut, now we’re all complaining that the budget seems too high!!! Brilliant!!<br><br>On a serious note, the best way of looking at it is that the money raised by donations, cup prize money, and the odd group of fans sponsoring a games here and there(!!) will tide us over until early next year. At that point, if the money is starting to run out then a proper evaluation can be carried out - ie; if we are not going to make the playoffs then there is no point throwing any more money at the team, so let a few players leave. If we are still in the mix at the top end of the table, then hopefully gates will rise, and more fans will be prepared to donate a bit of cash towards a successful team, and therefore we can continue to finance the squad.<br><br>We’ve just got to keep the faith at the moment, and enjoy the talented squad that we’re able to watch at the present time. In the meantime, if people can put their heads together and think some ways to raise money for the team, then that can only help too. <br><br>I noticed on Leek’s website that they run a player sponsorship where you sponsor players per goal. Maybe thats something we could run with too?

Over to you then, Stu.<br><br>GE<br>

We could try getting people to sign up for something like ?1 for a striker scoring, ?2 a midfielder, ?5 a defender, ?10 the keeper.

How about just donating ?1 for every point earned by the team? I will gladly doante ?3 every week from now until the end of the season!!!<br>WHS