Is not coming to Witton just yet BUT you could go and see him, I am running a ‘summer draw’ to win two Tickets to go and see Amir Khans next fight at the MEN Arena in Manchester. I’ve had a word with him and he’s agreed to fight when Witton at are home :laugh: so it will be on the 6th September 2008.

I will be looking for people to sell raffle tickets for me over the next couple of weeks, so if you can spare a few minutes you can either pick some up from the office or myself on Thursday night.

Thanks all, Onward and Upward

I’ll sell some for you Picko

Me too, give mine to Robbo.

Thanks again Robbo

Cheers Greenie, i will give Robbo a couple of hundred to pass on to you :laugh:

Amir who ?


The draw to win the tickets will be made after the game on Saturday 16th August, if you have taken tickets to sell please let me have them back by (or on) Saturday.

I will be grateful too if someone is available to sell a few more on the day of the game in the club before the match, my usual salesman Wheels will be enjoying the new hospitality on offer as a ball sponsor so won’t be free.

Thanks all

Just a thought; but would it not be worth delaying the draw until the Race Night inorder to give everyone a few more weeks to sell tickets? With tomorrow being our first home game then we haven’t really been able to dedicate alot of time to selling them until now.

The night of the fight is the 6th September so I thought it would give the winners of the tickets enough time to make arrangements etc plus it was supposed to be a summer draw and I don’t really want the selling of the tickets to clash with other things that will be going on now the season has started, such as the race night.

The draw was made yesterday by Di Riley and Derek Buckley and the prizes were as follows

1st Prize Adam Clarke
2nd Prize Neil Wilson
3rd Prize Derek Buckley (no fix!)
4th Prize Mike Fahey
5th Prize Chad (senior)

All Prizes can be collected at the next home game (Bank holiday Monday)

Thanks to everyone who helped to sell tickets

Another victory for the Supporters Team!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Got your message! Thanks for letting me know, I rung you sunday morning but could’nt get hold of you so I will see you at the next home game, unless your going to Prescot? If you are I’l see you there!

Thanks again!